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And thank you for stopping in!!  It does seem crazy that we created a website to share our adventures, but it's a fun place to hang out, and it keeps all our ideas in one place.  And believe me, we have lots of ideas.

We are professionals turned entrepreneurs!

We have big dreams and a HUGE bucket list.  When our goals blew past our monthly income, we got creative.  Part of this site is pure fun!!  We play, we travel, we blog.  The other part is pure fun and an inside look into how we created the extra streams of income to check items off our bucket list.      

We are glad you are here!!

Greg and Amy

Plane Crazy

We have made it our mission to find the best burger and beer in the nation.

In mid September of 2020, as things were opening up more, we started flying for our dinner. We picked hamburgers simply because we LOVE hamburgers.

When we would return home, our friends were asking us what we thought…and that’s when we decided to create a platform for everyone to share their love of flying, delicious burgers, and cold beer.

So, welcome to our adventures…we are glad you are here!!

Resign on Your Terms

Hello, Beautiful People!!!  

I'm going to be pretty bold here...Network marketing may not be perfect, but IT'S the next best thing.  And if done well, it is the means to an end of overtime, 2nd jobs, and worse yet...settling for a life half lived.  

Look...when our dreams surpassed our incomes, we decided it was time to fully evaluate the industry.  And what we discovered is who you join matters.  What company you join matters and when you join matters.  

I started with zero influence and learned the skills to become a leader in the mental wellness company.  If you are hard working, open minded and completely determined to live your best life, then click below to learn how you can partner with me. 

See you on the inside...

Tractor Tread Rings--- Silicone rings with a unique tractor tread design.    Created for the hard working farm family and tractor enthusiasts.  These rings take safety and comfort into account and mix it with a very cool tractor tread design.


The Future

Life in Pictures!