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We are glad you are here!

We believe we get one chance to live a big, bold, beautiful life!  For us to create the life we want, we realized we needed to work our jobs from 9 to 5 and our dreams from 5 to 9.

And that’s exactly what we do.  We are working on our dreams in the pockets of time and living the life we always wanted.

And now...we help others dream bigger, be bolder, and live the beautiful life they deserve.

We are here to serve and and grow with you, 

Greg and Amy


Working hard to support your family and still find time to experience and create the memories you want.  Bucket lists were never designed to be at the end of things…but at the very beginning and all through the middle.

Like so many of us, we chose a career, settled into life and then realized something was missing.  Deep inside, we knew there was more.  We wanted more impact, more adventure, and way more FUN!

Sound familiar?  We know exactly how you feel.  Here’s the deal…we opened our minds, learned a few skills, and started taking action.  I can show exactly what we are doing!

Interested in checking it out?  I may have something you align with. 

See you on the inside...

Plane Crazy

We have made it our mission to find the best burger and beer in the nation.

In mid September of 2020, as things were opening up more, we started flying for our dinner. We picked hamburgers simply because we LOVE hamburgers.

When we would return home, our friends were asking us what we thought…and that’s when we decided to create a platform for everyone to share their love of flying, delicious burgers, and cold beer.

So, welcome to our adventures…we are glad you are here!!

Tractor Tread Rings--- Silicone rings with a unique tractor tread design.    Created for the hard working farm family and tractor enthusiasts.  These rings take safety and comfort into account and mix it with a very cool tractor tread design.


The Future

Life in Pictures!