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Not sure there is a better way to ring in the new year then a trip to Fredericksburg, TX!!

Not only were we celebrating a new year, but also celebrating and living in complete gratitude for a blessed 2021.  No major setbacks or obstacles to overcome, our boys are both thriving, and our businesses significantly grew.  Lots to celebrate!

The beautiful Hangar Hotel had a vacancy and we snagged it.  One night earlier and we could have enjoyed their annual New Year's Eve dance...maybe next year.  We checked in, watched a few planes land from our balcony, and then headed to find what is supposed to be the best burger in Texas.  

Alamo Springs Café is literally in the middle of nowhere!!  Indoor outdoor seating, live music, cold drinks, and delicious burgers makes this a Texas gem for sure.  

The whole experience was fantastic and we found ourselves staying much longer than anticipated.  

You have the option to build your own burger!!  That was a cool feature that distinguishes it from most restaurants.  Burger, topping, and all the way to the bun is your choice.  Lot of choices. 

Live music sang from a small outdoor stage brings the whole place together.  This time, it seems that we took way more videos than pictures, so please click the link above to see a complete review of the restaurant. 

After lunch, we "flew" by the seat of our pants.  If we saw something we wanted to check, we stopped.  We seem to have a knack for packing a whole lot of stuff in one day.  We walked through an old fort, enjoyed the historic main street of Fredericksburg, enjoyed the Christmas lights on the square, and then drove to Luckenbach for some dancing.  It had been years since we danced, but we fell right back into step and shared a million laughs.  We are blessed!!

We ended the evening enjoying some time in lounge area of the Hangar Hotel.  It was a perfect trip!!  

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

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