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When you have two boys that are still in high school, it’s sometimes difficult to plan trips way in advance. There is typically a need, a want, or concern that needs to be addressed before plans are final.  

We have found that spontaneous trips planned the night before end up being some of the best times together. With schedules in check and everyone taken care of, Greg spent the evening planning out the trip to Lufkin, Texas.  A place that’s known for having the best hamburger at the airport. And it did not disappoint more on that later. 

Like so many of you...the day starts busy.  We get up early, work out, spend time with our devotionals. We have breakfast with our boys, we see them off to school, and we work on our online business (this is our airplane money; click here to see what we do). 

After that we head to the airport, and it is wheels up, and in the sky. It’s a beautiful day to fly. The temperatures are nice and cool with a little bit of wind but nothing coming straight across the runway. The nice warm sun coming in the windows provided perfect ambience for a late morning nap. Of course that’s just for me.

Piney woods Southeast Texas; it’s one of the most beautiful runways we’ve landed on. 

Signs all around us remind us that Angelina county airport has been voted number one improvement airport for a couple different years. An award that is rightfully earned and deserved.

Just FYI...Lufkin has a nice city zoo, but we are here for one reason and one reason only and that’s to have their best burger at the airport. 

Out of the gate, we met the friendliest ladies ever.  Service was awesome.  The menu is simple and classic.  You have your cheeseburger, hamburger or your patty melt.  They actually come in two sizes.  The Junior is perfect!  If you choose the regular size hamburger, prepare for leftovers

All the burgers are served with chips but we chose substitute with tater tots.  Our hamburgers were delicious.  The hamburger is charbroiled and incredibly juicy.

The café was little but you could tell it was a local favorite as we were never the only table.  People came and went for the hour and a half we were there. But not just for locals, three other planes landed while we were visiting and enjoyed the best hamburger in the area. 

Like most of our trips, we headed outside to walk around the airport. It sure helps our bodies to move after a big meal. We found the entrance to the airport was a tree lined road to the highway...1 was perfect. 

We captured our pictures by the entryway sign headed back to the airport, loaded our stuff and headed home. The Angelina County Airport Café was top notch and we highly recommended the burger. Ride home was a little bumpier than normal but that’s because we chose to stay below the clouds and avoid flying IFR. It’s a short flight from Lufkin to McKinney so not a big deal. 

For now, our trips are super short because Kaden is out of school at 4:20,and he still needs a ride home.  He turns 16 at the end of December and will have his license.   

Great flights, safe flights, and delicious burgers.  Short, sweet and mission accomplished. 

Have a great day!


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