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Hangar 6 Cafe, Uvalde, TX

Hanger 6 Air Cafe, Uvalde, TXAirport InformationRating: 5 Prop Greg keeps track of the weather on a daily basis.  He knows the forecast today, tomorrow and 10 days out.  I love

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Are You Sacrificing Your Goals Because Love Your Company’s Products?

Do You Love Your Products More Than Your Goals?I joined my 2nd company for ONE reason...and it has nothing to do with the product.Shocking I suppose?!? I have been in the networking industry for 6

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Become a Leader in a New Revolution

I rank advanced 5 times in 4 months when I stopped selling shakes, skincare, and other "look-a-like" products.This definitely isn't a brag post!  My recent success only showed up after 6 years of

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How To Use Social Media The Wrong Way

How to Recruit Like a Top Producer I was told it was easy...anyone could do it.We are all taught the wrong things when it comes to prospecting and recruiting.  OR...we are only taught how

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How I Flipped Prospecting

How I Flipped Prospecting & Got People to Reach Out To Me Boys being boys! A Little Brotherly Love.This sound familiar..?You’re constantly inviting people to take a look at your business—but

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Prospecting Embarrassed Us! When We Stopped, Our Business Exploded

This year marks 5 years since we entered the network marketing arena and our lives took a crazy detour into the world of entrepreneurship, deep personal development, and an insane amount of negative experiences

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