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Become a Leader in a New Revolution

I rank advanced 5 times in 4 months when I stopped selling shakes, skincare, and other "look-a-like" products.

This definitely isn't a brag post!  My recent success only showed up after 6 years of constant struggle and embarrassment.

I was THAT lady...I constantly made things uncomfortable at the dinner table by talking about my products,  or I pitched my company in the grocery store line to total strangers.  

At first, I was okay with this...I didn't know any better.  This is how I was taught by upline.  I was on fire about my company and excited to share it with anyone that had a pulse.  

Then I moved to social media and created posts about my products and opportunity, but was completely ghosted.  This was a big mistake!  Sadly, the internet never forgets, and I am reminded how desperate and annoying I once was. 

I was stuck!  And worse yet...I felt out of place in my own skin.  

I didn't like my approach of chasing people.  I wanted to build like a professional.  

I so ready to throw in the towel, but I really wanted prove to myself and everyone else that networking marketing is is a good thing...and anyone can be successful at it.  I needed a new approach....I also needed a new company.

As painful as that sounds, my company was still building "old school."  That's right...1:1 meet-ups.  I didn't want to build that way anymore.  I needed a way to leverage my time. 

When I decided to search for a new company,  I insisted on 3 things before joining. 

  1. A relevant product.  Not something you can buy at WalMart.  
  2. Timing.  Growing, in profit, and before momentum.
  3. Online systems that use attraction marketing.  No longer chasing people, but attracting them to me.  

So, when I finally found my niche in the mental wellness space, I started to see results, and the feeling of being stuck and out of place began to disappear. new business checked all 3 boxes.

✅ I found a unique offering, no other company has; and we have created a new category in the wellness industry.  The next 10 years of wellness will focus on the gut-brain connection.

✅ I found a company that is rapidly growing, in profit, and is likely to reach momentum in the next 12-18 months.  Our team is catching this huge upswing!

✅ And last, I am with a team that has a cutting edge digital platform.  We teach attraction marketing to help everyone succeed.  It is true duplication and in a league all of its own.

Bonus...I have an amazing team to support me.

If you are's likely not your fault.  When I left my previous company, I reached out to my upline and shared why I making a move.  I gave them the 3 reason listed above.  

I was told, "It's not the company, but the person."  I call BS!!  

I worked really hard the wrong way for 6 years.  Now, I am enjoying what I do, who I serve, and how I work.  

Plus...I consider myself to be a professional networker that teaches others how to build a successful team and reach their goals.  

If you love what you read, then it's time to check out what I am doing and join the mental wellness revolution.  

Click here to apply to work with us and the company that is leading the mental wellness movement.  

After you complete the form, we'll be in touch soon.

Chat with you soon,


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