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It was one of the days that we felt the need to just get away.  The sky was blue, no clouds, light wind...great day to fly.  Nacogdoches isn't very far from where we live, and it was a great day for a short flight and a good burger.  

Butcher Boy's is a full working smokehouse.  Fresh burgers and other entrees on one side and a butcher on the other.  The place was full the entire time we were there.  They promise delicious food at a reasonable price...even offering a student menu.

Nacogdoches is home of Stephen F. Austin!  So if you visit for a college tour and come to watch a game, Butcher Boy's is a hometown favorite!  Be sure to stop in.

BURGERS!!  I think this is the first time that we both ordered the same thing, but the name alone had us sold.  Jalapeno Bacon Ranch Burger!!  And it was delicious.  Can I just say that when the burger hangs over the bun, you know you are in for a great treat.  Plenty of bacon and jalapenos!  This place got it right!  

In an effort to be on the healthier side of things, we chose a side salad instead of fries.  The salad was fine...but make no mistake, it was just a salad.  The fries on the table beside looked fantastic, and we regret not ordering them.  Take our advice, don't go healthy when pairing with a delicious burger.  

Have a great day!


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