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Photo credit goes to Tookie's.  I thought the plane was too cool to not share in our Plane Crazy blog!  

Living the dream!  You know how it goes when you own a plane.  You pick a destination, find some place great to eat, and then look for fun things to do.  This trip was exactly that.  It was such a wonderful day!  

Although I absolutely love our burger flights...visiting the Houston Space Center was incredible.  When I was younger, I used to wear a pendant of the space shuttle around my neck.  When Greg asked if I wanted to go...I didn't quit smiling until we landed back at home.  Then I had to call my dad and tell him all about it.  

But first things first.   Let's talk burgers. 

We landed in Ellington and borrowed the courtesy car for the afternoon.  Tookie's is near the beautiful Lighthouse District.  The restaurant has a great atmosphere from the minute you walk in:  friendly service, full bar, and multiple seating areas.  The outdoor area overlooks the water, and the view of the sailboats was very impressive.  

We started with an appetizer...Pelican Eggs.  If you come hungry, they are a great way to start lunch, and they will not disappoint.  The jalapeños are not too hot, but have a great kick.  The filling...YUM!!!  A blend of cheese and bacon and tossed in the fryer.  It serves 5, but Greg couldn't wait.  See pic below. 

Burgers were fantastic, and we chose to share fries and hula hoops.  

Greg had the Squealer, and I chose BBQ Burger.  The Squealer patty is blended with bacon and served with all the fixing.  My burger was marinated in barbeque sauce and served with a delicious onion ring.  I have no doubt it was finger lickin' good, but I needed a fork.  Messy is kind of my favorite way to have a simply means that toppings were generous. 

Our waitress was extremely friendly!!  We didn't want for anything except for the dessert that we didn't leave enough room for.  Excellent experience!!

Take our advice...enjoy lunch on the outside deck!!  When we arrived, it was still a bit cool on the deck.  We chose an inside table, but that view from the deck was probably worth the chill.  

Our reservation at the space center was not until 1pm, so we drove to the boardwalk area and took a short walk.  That is a cool area!  Lots of restaurants and little shops, but the small carnival area would be neat for families.  

The rest of the afternoon, we strolled through the museum.  It was fun walking through the exhibits.  So much I didn't know about the space program.  I'm in awe of the people who chose to explore space.  Live exhibits, theaters, and hands on areas made this a great museum for every age.  We stayed about 4 hours and didn't even scratch the service.  There was a lot of looking, but not enough time to read everything.  Be sure to take the tram ride over to the Johnson Space Center.  Seeing the rockets and the astronaut training facility is worth your time.  That tour takes a little over an hour.  

By far the coolest thing I saw was the space shuttle.  It is just something that I have always been curious about and seeing it was the best.  The whole center is a massive display of innovation and vision, and I love that.  

Our flight home was quiet.  We had a nice tailwind, so a little bit shorter time returning to McKinney.  I'm forever grateful for our Thursday adventures.  Feeling blessed and looking forward to the next one.  

Have a great day!


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