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I love it when good friends meet for a great burger. 

We decided on a short flight since we have lots to do this evening.

We decided to visit Muenster, Texas.  Muenster is located west of Gainesville just off the Red River. This is old stomping grounds for Greg and I.  We used to visit the community and attend mass weekly at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The people here are friendly, hard-working and the community is incredibly prosperous. Although we haven’t been back for six years we remember Doc's Bar and Grill as having delicious hamburgers and yummy fries. 

It would be a quick trip since we were limited on time.  We headed to the airport about 10:30, got the plane ready, and wheels were up by11.  We safely landed in Gainesville around 11:30. 

We were greeted by David who runs the FBO in Gainesville. Nice gentleman and we enjoyed chatting. They have two courtesy cars and if the keys are sitting on the table, one is available for you.  You simply sign it out and get on your way. That was pretty great, and there was no time limit on the car (of course...we only needed it for a few hours). 

We headed to Doc’s, which is about a 15 minute drive from the airport. It was so nice to come back into familiar territory. It was almost like coming home again.  We reached out to Lora, who has worked with us for about four months.  She lives north of Muenster. Thankfully she was free and joined us for lunch. 

We looked over the menu and Lora and Greg both decided on the Doc’s Burger.  Their burgers had bacon, lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion, and, of course, Greg added ketchup, mustard, and mayo.

I decided on the Jeans Burger.  My burger would be smothered in jalapeños, grilled onions, and a slice of cheddar cheese. And, a side of sweet potatoes..naturally, RIGHT?  

While we waited on our food Lora gave us a brief history of why the restaurant is called Doc’s. Apparently, the restaurant used to be the Muenster clinic, so it was named after the good doctor. 

Laura had an interesting story. Doc’s Bar and Grill is two stories.  She was born upstairs, and so was her husband. How cool is that?!?  At the time of their births, there was no hospital besides the one in Gainesville, so babies were born on the second floor. Side thought….curious why they made a woman in labor climb stairs. It is a fantastic story. 

Our meals quickly arrived and everything was absolutely delicious. Cooked to perfection and the fries had a good crisp to them. The French fries were seasoned and oh man were they delicious.  

You can always tell a great hamburger by the buns it’s served on. Something cool about the have a choice of buns: sourdough, pretzel, wheat bun or no bun. 

Greg and I both chose the sourdough SO YUMMY.   All three of us finished our plates. But since we were visiting Doc’s, we saved room for their homemade desserts. 

A menu on the wall written in chalk displayed everything they had to offer for the day.  Greg chose the Butterfinger pie, and I chose the Italian cream cheesecake. Neither disappointed and we licked our chops as we finished the last bite. 

From there we took off and did a little tour of the rest of the restaurant. They have a really cool area behind the main building. Lots of tables, a stage, and a bar shared the space.  It would be so cool to come back and visit in the evening. 

The upstairs was converted from labor and delivery to a pool hall. I LOVE IT!!

Doc’s is a landmark in Muenster. 

From there Lora and us said our goodbyes, and Greg and I decided to head to Fischer‘s Meat Market to buy a few things.   Fischer’s makes their cheese and sausage right there in the market and it is some of the absolute best we’ve ever had. 

We wanted to surprise our boys with a great memory by bringing home Fischer‘s meat and cheese. Of course, once we got there, we didn’t stop with just meat and cheese, we left with the whole basket of goodies that only Fischer‘s has. 

I was hoping to catch my friend Penny and her husband Steven who own Fischer‘s, but Penny was out with her girls at a golf tournament. If you ever visit, please tell her hi for me.  She is a wonderful friend!!

 From there we headed back to the airport.  We made time to stop and chat with David who again was just wonderful to visit with. The FBO is incredibly clean and quaint you just wanna hang out and visit for a while which is what we did. 

David had the plane fueled up, and we were ready to head back to McKinney. Again the flight was super short, we landed safely, parked the plane and headed home.

Doc’s Bar and Grill is definitely a must visit. From the moment we landed until the moment we took off, we enjoyed every single minute of it. Great company, great food and a great experience at the airport. 

Absolutely nothing to complain about. 

Have a great day!


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