Are You Sacrificing Your Goals Because Love Your Company’s Products? – Greg and Amy Myers' Blog

Do You Love Your Products More Than Your Goals?

I joined my 2nd company for ONE reason...and it has nothing to do with the product.

Shocking I suppose?!? 

I have been in the networking industry for 6 years, and I was a complete failure.  Outside of having incredible grit and determination, I had nothing to show for my efforts.

Let me backup and explain.  When I joined my 1st first company, I joined because I saw the vision and loved the products!  It was supposed to be the only of its kind.  

I hustled like crazy.  Late nights, missing out on my babies, awkward no show home parties and events...if you are here, you completely understand.

I basically worked my business until I was out of friends and family to bother and then everything fell apart.  People dropped off and my team of 100 dwindled down to 2.  

I was no longer aligned with my company...promises that everyone can build a team if they just hustle more was not what I believed in, and I was tired of selling the dream.

I needed to find a new that I could call home.  Why?  

Because I needed to be assured that anyone that joined me could be successful.  Not because they hustled, but because there was a strategy in place that fit into everyone's life.  Whether they were full time or part time...the system would work for them.

So, I set out and interviewed teams and companies.  

Here's what I learned.

  • Companies need to be innovative.  Copycat products are not relevant in the market place.  If you can find it on shelf at a retail store, then it doesn't matter that your shake, hair care product, or makeup is just a little better.  Products must be relevant!!
  • Timing is everything.  Companies need to be out of the startup phase and not into the legacy phase.  People who are looking to start a business need to catch the upswing of momentum to make life changing money.
  • And last...Teams must be building with modern strategies and let go of the old school prospecting and recruiting methods.  We cannot duplicate the effort of others..BUT if a strategy is in place where everyone can implement a step by step process...that can be duplicated!  Over time, everyone succeeds!

Your business decision has to be based on more than just "liking a product."  It needs to be based on a sound business decision.  Listen...Your goals and dreams are at stake here!!

Ask yourself this...are you hoping to recruit a rockstar?  That one person that will make the BIG difference in your success.  Or are you giving motivated, passionate people the tools to create a business they love, so they can meet their own goals.

Stepping into leadership really means being a leader.  It does not mean to tell people to hustle more.  

You can still love your '"1st" company's product!  But do you love the the results you are getting in business?  If not, then what has to change.  

You or your company?

It was time for me to stop playing small.  What time is it for you?

P.S.  Even though it was a little heartbreaking to leave my first company, I continue to order some of my favorite products from them.  However, my results with my new company are in site and growth is happening every month. Take control and be the amazing business person you are!

Interested in see the strategies my team implements, check out the Work with Us page.  

Chat with you soon!!

Greg and Amy