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This started out as a business trip and we are mixing in as much fun as possible.  Our final destination is Ashland, Kentucky.  We could make the trip in one day, but decided to break it apart.  

Our first stop...Paducah, Kentucky.  We have some friends that live in Paducah, so we reached out and got a little advice on where to eat the best burger and to ask if they would join us.  Our friends chose Flamingo Row!  

First...this has been one of the most colorful places we have eaten.  Brightly painted walls and lots of decorations makes the atmosphere light and happy.  If you didn't walk in with a smile on your face, you would have one soon.  

We quickly became a party of 7, ordered drinks and enjoyed lots of conversation as we waited for our food to arrive.  

The burger are sooooo good here.  They are the messiest things around, but so delicious.  You can check out the entire menu here.  I totally think I won the best burger by choosing the St. Thomas burger.  Blue cheese, onion rings, applewood bacon, lettuce...this was beyond delicious.  Greg picked the Brouhaha Burger provolone, muenster, avocados, applewood bacon, tomatoes & ranch.  All the burgers come with fries and they perfectly crispy.  I think what makes a great burger is if the bun can hold up.  And as messy as these were because of the ample toppings...the buns held up.  It's a great place and the company was spectacular.  We have know this sweet family for a long time.  Check out the pic of the day...this little lady has Greg wrapped around her finger.  

We stayed the night in Paducah and enjoyed the evening at the local breweries and distillery.  It was fun tasting moonshine for the first time.  Although not something I would make a habit of, the unique flavors of the moonshine and hospitality of a great bartender made the atmosphere a lot of fun.  Be sure to check out the Silent Brigade Distillery.

We stayed the night in a local bed and breakfast.  Something different for us as we usually choose a hotel.  The next morning we flew to Williamstown, Ky.  The airport here had a courtesy car and they manager of the airport let us drive it to the Ark Encounter.   A must see if you are in the area.  This "to scale" model of Noah's Ark filled our entire day.  The museum is quite incredible.  Multiple floors of exhibits portray how the Ark was likely constructed and what life was like on the Ark during the flood.  So much to read and look at!  There is also a Creation Museum near the Ark Encounter.  We did not plan our trip with enough time, so we look forward to our next visit so we can visit that museum also.  

Spanning 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high, this Encounter is absolutely worth the time.  It is a day that the whole family will enjoy.  

The rest of the trip was all business.  We flew to our final destination, Ashland, KY.  Enjoyed our business meeting and met new people.  It was cut a little short at storms would be moving in the following day and we needed to plan our return back to McKinney a little earlier than expected.  

Greg stays very in tune to the weather while we are gone.  Soon that will be my task also.  Getting closer to my PPL.  

Have a great day!


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