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So...I decided to train for a century.

What's a century?  It is a 100 mile bike race...typically used to raise money for an amazing cause.  It will take place May 1st, and I will ride from Frisco to Fort Worth, Texas. I have just over four weeks to train for it.

This morning I got up early, hopped on my bike, and started off on what was going to be a 20 mile bike ride.

And then I got a text from Greg...

If we want to fly we need to leave at 9:30. Heck yes I wanna fly!! It has been over three and half weeks since we have been in the plane.

Kids' schedules, bad weather, work schedules, everything was keeping us grounded.

Have you ever noticed that on beautiful days you’re busy and on cloudy days you’re completely free?

Like so many of you, the biggest thing that keeps us on the ground is time and money. When you have the money, you don’t have the time.

That's why Greg and I are working financial freedom that will help give us time freedom.  We work our 9 to 5 jobs (actually it is much longer than that) and work on our dreams from 5 to 9. 

We want to be able to take off on a sunny day even when it’s a Tuesday and not just the weekend. Can you relate?  If you do, I invite you to check out what we are doing that is opening more doors for us to completely resign on our terms.  We’re onto something! Click here to check it out. 

Back to the story.  I race home... I use the word race lightly LOL. I took a quick shower, we hopped in the jeep, and headed to the airport.

Destination Shreveport Louisiana, Fumbles Bar and Grill. The only thing we know about this restaurant is it was rated in the top five of Louisiana restaurants known for their burgers. And in all honesty that’s all we needed to know.

The flight there was perfect, the sky was beautiful, the winds were low, everything was awesome. And it felt so good to be back in the airplane. Despite the haze, the view from 6000 feet was incredible.

We landed close to noon and we were greeted by two young men helping us park the plane.  We agreed on topping of the tanks, and they got busy.  They were both very kind and seem to enjoy their work.

Going into the FBO we were met with a cheerful smile from the lady working behind the counter. The FBO had gone through some remodeling and it looked very nice.  The friendliness and service definitely earned an A+ from us.

The FBO gave us a two hour time block.  AWESOME!!  We grabbed the rental car and to headed to Fumbles.

Upon entering Fumbles, we heard a voice from behind the bar say welcome. Always a good sign!!

The young lady behind the bar is Katie.  She is happy young woman that seems to know her clientele by their first names.  Lucky for us, she was also our waitress. Greg ordered the Buffalo Blue Burger, and I ordered the Breakfast Burger. Seems funny to me that I have switched from jalapeños, grilled onions, and barbecue sauce to a burger with an egg on it.  But lately...I can't resist. 

Greg ordered regular fries, and I ordered sweet potato waffle fries. I love sweet potato fries!!  And in all honesty, I’ve never had sweet potato waffle fries. Is it possible that the shape can totally change the flavor?

While we waited on our food we checked out our surroundings. You could gamble in the corner, play pool in the back, and get a drink upfront. It was a very cool place.

Katie brought our food with a smile and asked if there was anything she could get for us.  Happy with everything, she left us to devour our food. Yes!!! I said devour. 

The burgers there was an experience you never wanted it to end!!  You want to take small bites so your burger would last forever. And I can’t say enough about the sweet potato waffle fries. They are absolutely the best sweet potato fry I have ever eaten.

Everything about the hamburgers were delicious...including the bun. From top to bottom and everything in between it is by far the best burger we have ever eaten.

Nice job Fumbles. We will be back!

Since we had the car for two hours we decided to venture to the boardwalk. We found a place to park, and we walked up and down the boardwalk looking at all the different shops and enjoying the cute little carousel at the end of the line. Sadly, it looked like Covid had taken its toll on some of the smaller businesses.  Multiple stores were empty. BUT there were several people wandering around and enjoying a beautiful day.  There was a glimpse of normalcy, and we appreciated it. 

From there we headed back to the airport, helped ourselves to a bottle of water, and took off for home. Sadly, the flight was incredibly bumpy. I happen to get a little nauseous and missed taking pictures.  But the goal is always a safe trip, and that was accomplished.

If you’re ever in Shreveport, Louisiana, put Fumbles Bar and Grill on your list of things to do. You will not be disappointed!!  Please tell Katie "hi" when you see her and have a safe flight.

Have a great day!


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