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First burger flight in 2023!

It is so fun to truly experience this side of flying with Greg.  We basically flip a coin to see who is flying there and who is flying back.  Greg took the first leg.  Granbury is on the other side of Fort Worth, so it would be good practice flying through Bravo airspace.  

This would be another short flight, but it was a bit spontaneous since we weren't sure our plane would be out of it's annual.  Always thankful that it passes with "flying" colors.  We did need new tires on the mains, but others than that...GOLDEN!

Grumps is another chain...and another must!  Check out the video...

This place is a huge win.  Atmosphere receives a BIG A+!!  Indoor-outdoor seating and a cool whiffle ball field.  This place nails fun, friendly family place. 

Classic burgers and delicious sides!!  It was super hard to choose.  Greg chose the Queso Burger, and I enjoyed a yummy Guacamole Hamburger.  Both were covered with plenty of toppings!  Everything was really good!!  We chose sweet potato fries and SPICEY FRENCH FRIES.  GET THOSE!!  They are so delicious.  I could have eaten all of Greg's fries on top of my sweet potato fries.  

On top of having great burgers, a place that serves peanuts is always a win!

Granbury is just a cool town.  We had visited it before when our children were little.  We camped near Dinosaur Valley and had a fun time.  The boys still remember walking past the large dinosaurs.  

The downtown area takes you back in time to a quieter place.  Cute shops, coffee houses, and restaurants line the square.  There was even a burger joint downtown that looked good.  If you have the time, keep the courtesy car and extra hour or two and stroll around the courthouse. 

We left mid afternoon and enjoyed our time in the Bravo airspace.  Always cool to see lakes, the Texas Motor Speedway and downtown Fort Worth from the sky.  We never take our time in the plane for granted.

Have a great day!!


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