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Beach for day!!  I can't imagine a better way to hang out then hearing the words, let's fly to the beach.  

It isn't even swimming in it that makes me happy.  It's the atmosphere.  People are happy at the beach!!  The sounds, the waves, the views...all it just lights me up!!

But of course, first thing first!!   We need a hamburger.  Greg found a place called the Gypsy Joynt.  The name along intrigued me, and I was all in.  

With the encouragement from her husband, a woman decided to turn her gift for cooking into a business.  It's  family owned and operated.  The place fantastic!!  All the food is prepared in house.  And come with an empty stomach...the portions are large!

Greg ordered "Another Glorious Morning."  It was a delicious disaster of a burger!  Tots, cheddar cheese, homemade sausage gravy & over easy egg!!  Not going to lie.  It was so yummy.   But it didn't compare to "Ya Jerk."   Bam!!!  Tons of flavor with house jerk sauce, grilled fresh pineapple and jalapeños, Muenster cheese, lettuce, avocado, tomato, and onion.  Add the sweet potato puffs...they are delightful.  

Sadly, no room for dessert, but we took GIANT cinnamon rolls home for breakfast.  

Great atmosphere and incredibly friendly people! 

We walked to the beach and hung out for while, then headed to brewery.  Since Greg is finally, I was the taste tester.  Ended up really liking a peanut butter beer.  

What a fun day!!  I will never take for granted the freedom of flight and the gift it gives us!  Very grateful!!

Have a great day,


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