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Greg keeps track of the weather on a daily basis.  He knows the forecast today, tomorrow and 10 days out.  I love that about him.  I know in the back of his head he is always planning our next adventure.  

So when he asks me yesterday what I have going on this weekend, I am thrilled when he says “thinking of flying to Uvalde, TX.  I found a burger joint at an airport.  You game?”

From there he spends the evening planning and creating our flight plan.  I feel bad because I mostly watch and ask if I can get him anything.  He always says “no.”  He reminds me that he loves doing this, and it doesn’t feel like work...or it is at least really fun work.  

Saturday morning arrives, and I am up at the crack of dawn. I love my quiet Saturday mornings with my coffee and my devotional.  Besides my normal devotional, I have picked up a book called “Believe Bigger”. Ladies...this one's for you.  If you ever thought that you were supposed to be living a bit larger or have more purpose in your life then this is a great read for you.  

(On a side note, I just resigned from my teaching position and this book was a gift as I move from my very familiar classroom to my home office and step into my purpose.)

Back to the story...

Clouds were low this morning, so I know had time to soak in the Good Book and help one of our team member work on her FB content. 

Ethan was taking his ACT and kaden had ok s to ply disc golf with him when he was finished.  

Searching for the perfect burger would just be greg and I. 

Our airplane hangars 30 minutes away.  By 11:00, the clouds lifted and we were on our way to the airport.  

Every time we head to the airport, we take a back road because it’s too beautiful.  It already feels like we r out of the city.  Once we arrive our normal routine sets in. 

I open all the doors, greg begins his walk around, I grab waters, headsets, use the bathroom 100x (no inflight potty breaks), greg pulls the plane out, I pull the Jeep in , close the doors and join him in the plane.  


And we are off!

Our flight today was perfect.  Of course, any flight that puts us in the air and back on the ground is a perfect flight in my eyes. 

The temps have dropped in north Texas and is there is anything I can pass onto those readying this is to wear layers.  It was quite cool when we left..52 degrees.  It’s always great to have an extra jacket just in case.  

Our flight was right at 2 hours.  The clouds were fluffy white and I was quickly taken back to childhood memories of big snow drifts.  My playlist was switched to Christmas music and I settled into a nap while greg took care of the flight.  

We safely landed in Uvalde, Tx.  It would hve been a 6.5 hour drive from our home...making the trip impossible for a day trip.  Planes are so cool!  

The temps set right at 70 so we peeled our jackets and headed for Hangar 6. 

Downtown Dallas

We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by lots of people in costumes.  The airport was open to the public for a Halloween family day.  Good music, lots of laughter and cheers from the corn hole competition filled the air.  

Outside of hangar 6, you could smell fair type foods that were set up at different booths.  Scarecrows, vampires, and witches were inviting us to partake.  It smelled tempting, but we were here for one reason...in search of the perfect burger.  

The inside is hangar 6 had a modern cafe feel to it and enjoyed looking at the murals.  It was super clean, but what caught my attention the most was the menu. 

It was like a history book!!!

With every turn of the page, you could learn a little more about the airports history. I loved it.  

We quickly flipped to the burger section.  Greg picked the P51 Mustang with the seasoned steak fries.  And I chose the T6 Texan with waffle fries.  

While we waited for our burgers I read the menu and of course picked out a dessert...salted caramel brownie with ice cream. 

The airport was founded in 1932 but made its mark in history when Mr. John H. Lapham decided to make it a flight school for pilots during WWII.  At the time, the US had not joined the European war efforts but it was only a matter of time.  

Hangar 6 is where the flight school started.  

Stories like these are fascinating to me.  Our nation has a rich history of little places like these.  I want to see more of them. 

Our burgers and fries arrived and there was nothing that disappointed us!  

The pictures describe every mouth watering bite.  Burgers were juicy but didn’t destroy the bun that was lightly toasted. 

I hate when the bun falls apart and leaves me with a mess.  Bun was intact the entire meal. ?

It must been delicious because we finished every last bite.  Sadly, no room for dessert; maybe next time.  It sure sounded delicious but no need to leave miserable. 

Thank goodness we could walk around.  With our bellies full, we needed to stretch and walk before jumping back into the plane. 

We headed outside and enjoyed the activities around us.  Lots of airplanes were parked outside.  We realized the the burgers on the menu are name after the planes in the museum.  That was pretty cool.  

My burger was named after the coolest plane on the field. NAME OF PLANE AND PICit was a great afternoon!!!

Checking the time, we headed back to the plane, fueled up and headed north. 

The ride home was quite different.  No white fluffy cloud and gray clouds.  I think this is the first time I have this long without seeing the world around me.  

Greg was cool as a cucumber. He is IFR certified for 3 years now.  He handled everything with confidence and ease.  My eyes were glued to my phone writing this blogpost. 

Thankfully, it wasn't bumpy just low visibility.  

We landed at McKinney safely in less than 2 hours.  I love a good tail wind...especially on the way home!

Greg and I like to rate our experience for each burger joint we visit.  

We agree...Hangar 6 is a Perfect Lansing in our books.  Atmosphere, burger, service and price were spot on with our expectation.

If you are in the area or looking for a great stop to fuel, check out Hangar 6 and tell them Greg and Amy of Plane Crazy sent ya.  

3732 Quebec, Have a GOOD DAY!

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