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How to Grab Your Prospects Attention and Have Them Chasing You

Wanna know the REAL “Law of Attraction?”

‘Cause it ain’t about thinkin’ yourself rich.

Nope, it’s WAY more simple than that.

In fact, it’s basic “schoolyard” psychology.

And once you put in practice this fundamental economic principle, you’ll have qualified prospects beating down your door wanting to hear all about your business.

So read on and you’ll learn all about how to instantly set yourself apart from the competition, so you’re not fighting tooth-n’-nail for peoples’ attention in today’s busy marketplace!

Why Marketers Must Root Themselves in Value

Regardless of all the online network marketing strategies available, at the end of the day, attracting prospects is all about the VALUE you have to offer.

Now, value can be a little tricky to define.

Price is one representation of value—it’s a measure of how much the market deems people are willing to pay for something.

Value is a bit more abstract than price alone.

It’s best described as the perceived benefit a person expects to receive from acquiring a particular good or service.

The “Schoolyard” Psychology of Attraction

Exclusivity increases desire.

Everyone wants what they can’t readily have.

The goal is to position yourself, service, or product as something, valuable, and priceless.

These same rules apply to the world of modern marketing, too.

Scarcity adds value.

It’s basic supply and demand.

Think about the hordes of people that line up for intentionally limited-run Apple products or Air Jordan’s.

That’s the sort of effect you want to have on your prospects.

People are naturally drawn to what’s scarce and exclusive.

So while it might be tempting to emphasize how whatever you’re selling is “affordable,” doing so lowers the value of what you’re trying to sell.

When you try to take the budget approach, you both cheapen your product and your personal brand.

Instead, you need to do the opposite.

So how do you achieve that same effect yourself?

Glad you asked!

The Choice Between Passively Attracting Versus Actively Pushing

When’s the last time you purchased something from a door-to-door salesperson?

Or from a pop-up kiosk at the mall?

What about the guy shouting at you to try his homemade beef jerky while you’re walking by and minding your own business at the farmers market?

Even if you were interested in whatever these people were selling, their eagerness to make a sale is a bit of a turn-off, right?

Your prospects play by the same rules!

You can figuratively knock down people’s doors and hope they respond positively.

Or you can attract them through creating content that speaks to their needs so they come to you.

It’s a truism that people love buying things, but they hate being SOLD.

As soon as you try to push something too hard, your prospects will immediately shut down.

Sure, they might not slam the proverbial door in your face, but their answer to your pitch will ultimately be a resounding “no.”

Not only is this act of chasing down prospects time-consuming and ineffective, it’s downright exhausting and terribly unattractive.

So if you’re wearing yourself down while hunting for your next sale, it’s time to make a change!

It’s so much easier to brand yourself as a valuable resource, versus acting like the “budget option” of being too eager beaver the eyes on your prospects.

You can transform your marketing practically overnight

When you create evergreen content that resonates with the desires and pain points of your audience, you’re sowing the seeds of perpetual, passive marketing.

When you run ads that grab the attention of your prospects and gets them to click, you know your message is connecting.

When you plant a trail of breadcrumbs so your prospects can investigate what you have to offer, you become so much more than a commodity—

You become a valuable, one-of-a-kind resource.

So rather than worry about where your next customer is coming from or trying to pursue your prospects, facilitate them coming to you!

The alternative is the desperate, face-to-face approach that’s time-consuming and more like taking shots in the dark.

The choice is yours.

Given how easy it is to run ads and create compelling content these days, no marketer should have to chase down prospects in pursuit of their next sale.

Hungry prospects are out there!

Like you learned above, many marketers fall into the trap of cheapening themselves or their products while pursuing more business.

Big mistake!

With proper marketing, you can elevate your business from nuisance (posting product pics on Facebook) to sought-after cure for your prospect’s ails (valuable content your prospects love).

It’s all boils down to positioning.

Now, if you want to know more about attracting valuable prospects without appearing desperate and pushy…

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Here's to your success!

Greg and Amy Myers

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