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A total basement dive with excellent music!!  

I felt like I was back in college.  There were so many things that were familiar about this experience.  The classic atmosphere, the dimly lit basement, the well lit bar...everything screamed that I was back in my old college town of Kansas State University.  BUT NO...this was Arkansas...home of the Razorbacks. 

So let's start at the beginning.  Thursday's weather showed hope for a bit longer flight than usual.  Greg wanted to expand Plane Crazy's experiences, really wanted to get out of Texas and find a state we hadn't been to yet.  

From an internet search, we came across Hugo's, in Fayetteville, AR.  Voted best burger, we couldn't wait to enjoy more time in the air and burger place known for excellence.  

We invited a dear friend of our's, Kathy.  She had not been in a small airplane before, but was totally up for the experience.  

My co-piloting was left to the new kid on the block, and I sat in the back seat.  I enjoyed the rolling hills.  The pictures just never do it justice.  

We landed in Fayetteville shortly after 11am.  The weather was perfect.  The airport has a military museum attached to it and we agreed to visit it after our bellies were full.  

The courtesy car was parked out front, and we had a 2 hour time limit to return it...NO PROBLEM!

The short drive allowed allowed us to catch a glimpse of Fayetteville.  This college town had a familiarity about it that was very nice.  Almost seemed like home.  Of course between undergrad and vet school, Greg and I spent a fair amount of time in a college town.  

Hugo's has a perfect location.  Lots of small businesses lined the streets, and it made me wish we had the car a little longer so we could meander in and out of the stores.  However...we were there for a burger!!  Let's not get distracted by adorable window displays.  

We arrived at the entrance and were escorted down a small flight of stairs.  I was giddy with anticipation!!   Oh this brought back the memories.  I loved everything about this place.  

We perused the menus and each of us picked a different burger.  Kathy- Blue Moon, Greg- Jalapeno Burger, and I chose the Guacamole Burger.

Our meals came with homemade chips, but we ordered a side of was a mountain side of fries.  All 3 of us ate from the basket. Each burger had so many toppings that you almost had to eat it with a fork.  They were generous with specialty...Kathy's burger was loaded with blue cheese, Greg had tons of jalapenos, and my burger literally fell apart from the huge scoop of guacamole.  NO COMPLAINTS!  Be sure to ask for extra napkins.  LOL  

We enjoyed until we were full.  Greg is the only one able to finish today.  We enjoyed the atmosphere a little longer and then chose to head back to the airport.   

The air museum is a must.  If you fly in, admission is free.  Multiple buildings and displays outside had us walking off our calories and exploring our history.  Nicely done Fayetteville!!  I think our sons would have enjoyed this trip.  

The flight back was nice...lots of fires for some reason, so the air was filled with smoke. We landed safely, grabbed a cup of coffee from the FBO and headed home.  

One of my favorite things about owning a plane is sharing the experiences with others.  It thrilled me to watch Kathy's excitement.  It was all new to her.  Reminds me to never take it for granted.  

Have a great day!


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