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Blue skies, calm wind, and a warm cockpit 

gave way to a late morning nap.  

This weekend is a little bit of work mixed with pleasure.  To tell you the truth...I have been waiting for this moment to happen in business for a long time.  

I have a conference in Austin.  Greg offered to fly me there Thursday and then come back and pick me up on Saturday when the conference was over.  YES, PLEASE!!  It is exactly what I have been working so hard for.  Well...not exactly.  Picture perfect would be having Greg stay with me.  But Fridays are extremely busy at the clinic, and he hates to leave them short handed.  

So we are almost living the dream life.  But until then...we enjoy our burgers and flying.                               

On the recommendation of several people from our Plane Crazy FB group, we found Jewboy.  A little bit of Jewish and US/Mexico border culture all rolled into one.  Check out the story of El' Jewboy here.

Any place that has an outdoor eating area on a beautiful March day is worth the stop.  That alone would have sold me, but great hospitality and burger twist that only Jewboy could do will have people coming back for more.  The place was busy and we were not the only ones interested in an interview with the owner.  It seems he has quite a fan club as an entire video crew had dibs on his interview.  Good for him!!  I love it when people are winning.

But let's talk burger.  First...grab a voice.  Incredibly juicy and loaded with toppings.  Both of our burgers had a lot of cheese and jalapenos.  And the buns were sweet and super soft.  I appreciate when the chef goes the extra mile and finished with a delicious bun.  Greg chose the SLOPPY JOSE: a JewBoy patty with bacon and Homeboy Chile con Queso poured on.  It was delicious as it sounds and was my first choice also.  But I was NOT disappointed having the OY VAY GUEY: A JewBoy patty topped with roasted Hatch Green Chiles.  It was covered with melted pepper jack cheese with a little mustard on the bottom bun.  The final touch...the tots and onion rings were crispy.  It was super delicious and a one of kind burger experience.  Well done!

We had the rest of the day to wonder around a very busy city.  I had never been to the capital, so that was our first stop.  It is a beautiful building.  We did take the tour, but then we were encouraged to walk around on our own.  Greg shared stories from his previous visit and we enjoy the interior and exterior monuments and history.  

It was a beautiful day, so we visited the Governor's mansion and walked to St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral.  So much history in just a few blocks.  By then it was late afternoon and it was time for Greg to head home.  The goal is make our Thursday trips extended weekend trip at least once a month.  We are getting closer to that.  If you are looking for another stream of income that opens the door to fly more and work less, let's chat.  We have been blessed and are happy to share what's working for us.  

Have a great day!


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