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Without a shadow of a doubt this place happens to be one of our favorite experiences!!! 

If you’re a person who loves the off the beaten trail - dive kind of burger joint, then this will not disappoint. 

Established in 1901, the building has all the charm and characteristics of something that has been around for more than 120 years. But that didn’t scare us away. 

Sunday morning we woke up, grabbed a few of our close friends, jumped in the plane, and headed to Lawton, Oklahoma. The great thing about small airports is that they typically have a courtesy car that they’re happy to let you borrow.  Because of their generosity, we also top off our fuel tank. Almost an even trade in fuel LOL.  We stayed under the clouds and flew at 6500 feet.   It was a fairly smooth flight. Our passengers, Trey and Rebeka, have only been in a small plane a few times so Greg spent the morning explaining, sharing stories, and teaching all the way there. Landing was a breeze.  We met the gentleman in the FBO, got in the car and headed out. When we got to Meers, the parking lot was full; always a good sign that the burgers are great here. 

We were greeted right away when we walked in the door and found our table. Covid is still in place, so masks are worn.  Fair warning...this is a cash only place, but no worries there’s an ATM in the lobby. 

Drinks are served in old mason jars, and we decided on the unsweet tea. The menu cracks me up.  IF things are no longer offered or possibly out of season, it’s just marked off with a marker. I love it...why complicate matters by reprinting. 

The burger section still had lots of choices. I chose a quarter pounder cheeseburger Greg chose the half pound cheeseburger, and Rebecca and Trey chose the “seismic burger.”  You heard me right...seismic which means huge.  It was just that too - - 1 pound of hamburger with all the trimmings and fixings including jalapeño relish which apparently topped it off perfectly. 

We ordered seasoned potato wedges, french fries, and onion rings. None of it disappointed. You can’t help but look around the place where old license plates, posters, signs, and writing on the wall tells the story of 120 years of history of people who have come and enjoyed the establishment. 

Things were everywhere, and it was very eye-catching. The atmosphere was absolutely perfect. Our waitress was as pleasant as pleasant could be. You could tell that she took pride in the place that she worked and was happy to tell us any information we wanted to know. 

Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard and Marty Robbins played in the background. Greg and I are old souls for classic country, so we were right at home. Just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, Trey decided to try the peach cobbler with ice cream. One large bowl with 4 spoons and an enormous amount of peach cobbler and four dips of ice cream topped this amazing dessert. We shared and enjoyed until we were stuffed. 

Paying the check, we headed out the door.  Looking back over our shoulder this amazing place might be passed by without consideration to stop.   But don’t let the outside distract you from a great experience.  Never judge a book by it’s cover.  

All four of us drove away happy... bellies full and excited for another return visit. This one is definitely worth a stop.  

We returned to the FBO, hopped in the plane, and headed back to McKinney.  With a tailwind, the flight was only 37 minutes. 

It was such a great day, and the best part was being able to share with others. We have no doubt that we have worked hard and have a blessed life.  The opportunity to share that with others and give them just a little piece of the adventure that Greg and I both enjoy is quite wonderful. 

We’re looking forward to our next next adventure and already have a few things mapped out. If you know of a great burger place that you think Greg and I should visit. Please send us the information we would love to check it out.

3732 Quebec, Have a GOOD DAY!

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