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What started out as a favor to our parents turned out to be one of the most fun burger places we have eaten at.   And to top it of...outstanding burger and fries.  

Our parents are traveling to Branson sometime this fall.   So we decided to check out the best burger in Branson for them and give them a full report.  Mel's Hard Luck Diner did not disappoint!!   Food, service, and singing were all fantastic.  

More on that later...

We left early that morning to beat the hot part of the day.  We lack an air conditioner, so if we can travel early, we do it.  It was a great flight!  For the most part, we had blue skies and cool temps.  I did manage to stay awake and since it was a little hazy, I helped spot traffic.  

The terrain was so beautiful.  Rolling hills and lots of green trees.  The flight was a lot of fun!

The ground crew that help once we landed at the airport were super friendly and had a car waiting for us.  The airport info is under airport information at the top of the page.  

We took the 10 minute drive to the diner and enjoyed the lack of traffic since we traveled on a Thursday.  We had never been to Branson except during the summer months and joined the other 10s of thousands tourists.  This was really nice.

We arrive at Mel's and several friendly faces greeted to us.  While we were escorted to our booth, we heard a strong alto voice and thought the singing was incredible.  I recognized the song, but it sounded a little different than what I was familiar with.   And then we saw her.   

She was standing in the middle of the restaurant singing!

Singing??  Let me explain...

Our waitress introduced that she would be our singer while we dined.  The staff are responsible for the entertainment.  The wait staff and even someone bussing a table sang while we ate.  It was phenomenal.  It was dinner and entertainment.  Plus...Greg was personally serenaded by our waitress.  She was so delightful!!  

This diner is has a nostalgic 1950s atmosphere.  Red seats, checkered floor and memories from the past filled the diner.  There was so much to look at.  And the singing was really fantastic.  So much talent packed into one place.  

So let's chat food!!!  Absolutely a delicious burger!!!  Get ready...these are 1/2 pound burgers and are served with a huge side portion.  Of course, we chose fries, but there are several options.  

BUT...SAVE ROOM DESSERT!  The carrot cake is heavenly.  Again, the portions are easily shared and the calories racked up were worth every single bite. 

We really enjoyed this place.  We talked to several people that make Mel's a regular stop when they visit Branson.  I completely understand why this is a hot spot.

Hit this place up next time you are in the area.  

Have a good day!!

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