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We have a future pilot in the house!!  My nephew, Matthew, has been living with us since October.  He is ambitious to earn his PPL and excited for a future in the aviation industry.  What better way to celebrate progress than a $100 hamburger.  To make it even better, we picked his birthday and the weekend his girlfriend, Lexie, would be visiting with us.  

Saturday was a perfect day to fly.  The weather was gorgeous and unseasonable for mid January.  This would be Lexie's first flight in a small plane, so we chose an awesome burger place that would be a a short flight from McKinney.  

Lexie and I chose the back seat, so Matthew could learn from and observe Greg.  Very few bumps and nothing out of the ordinary made this an extraordinary first flight for Lexie, AND SHE DID GREAT!!  I'm not sure she stopped smiling the whole time she was in the plane.  She wasn't nervous at all.  I think I even caught her daydreaming about a future life with a pilot.  We are crossing our fingers!!

Bonham was a quick flight...less than 20 minutes.  A courtesy car was easily accessible by calling the police station for the lock box code.  Always thankful when the city airport takes care of us with a car.

Muddbones is locally owned and operated and the list of accolades the restaurant has earned is quite lengthy.  We think it's one of the best burgers in the Texoma area.  It always says a lot when the restaurant is crazy busy outside the regular noon hour.  

I think this is the first time we didn't take pics of the hamburgers.  The red and white wrapping hide how stacked these burger are, so you can check them out HERE and read a full description of them.  All of them pack a huge flavor punch.  

Two of my favorites are Angry Opossum and Opossum.  Angry Opossum literally made us cry the first time.  I chose the regular Opossum and Greg chose the mushroom swiss.  Not regrets!!!  I did up asking for the "angry" sauce and put just a little bit on my hamburger for an extra kick.  

The fries are excellent and more than enough to share.  This service is beyond friendly and indoor/outdoor seating is sure to please everyone. 

Muddbones is definitely a favorite, and I'm so glad it is super close.  I have no doubt we will be back.  

On the way back to McKinney, Greg flew up over the Red River and extended our flight for a bit so Matthew and Lexie could enjoy more of the experience.  

After landing, we stopped by our favorite brewery and toasted Matthew's birthday.  It was a fantastic day and always better sharing our plane with others.  What an honor and blessing to share this with other.  WYKYK!!

Have a great day!


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