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Probably the best kept secret in all of Arkansas.  Today was second trip to Oark.   Sadly, or thankfully, our first trip ended with several camera difficulties and we lost a lot of our pictures and videos that we wanted to share.  

We took it as a great sign to jump back in the plane and head back to a great burger place with a friendly atmosphere and the best apple pie I have ever eaten.  

Actually...the best part of this trip is our son, who was just home from flight school, joined us.  Ethan made the trip extra special.  Middle of summer and the flying conditions were perfect.  Light breeze, early morning departure, and smooth air.  

Now the courtesy car was incredibly interesting.  As always we are incredibly grateful for every car we get...but let me just say, there is a reason for the seatbelt in this vehicle.  The drive out the Oark is beautiful scenery and winding roads.  Nestled in the middle of the Ozark Mountains, Oark is about a 30 minute drive to the Oark General Store.  (There is a grass landing strip that is much closer if you prefer that option. Byrd's Adventure Center)

Walking into the Oark Cafe is a welcomed reminder of quieter times.  That great food and time with family are the most important things on the planet.  You are greeted with a smile and delicious smells of burgers done right.  We wasted no time ordering burgers and, of course, reserving our pie.  

Greg ordered the Mushroom Swiss, and Ethan and I both enjoyed the Angry Hornet.  Both came with plenty of fries.  Check out our video for a full review!

And let's not forget about the desserts!  All 3 of us chose something different.  Oreo pie, apple pie, and opossum pie (I will leave you to discover this one for yourself)!!!  Clearly mine was the best, but the guys didn't complain one bit.  Ethan was so excited about it that I barely got the picture before he started in on it.  

Clean plates, full bellies and happy hearts.  There just isn't a better way to end the day.  

Moral of the story, if you find yourself enjoying the Ozarks, stop in at the Oark General Store.  It will not disappoint.

Have a great day!


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This one is a close 2nd!

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