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Spontaneous ski trip turned into a another adventure to find a great burger. 

After our last ski trip, Greg and I decided that we are better suited for watching the sport (at least this time).  Our boys and a friend hung out on the slopes while we took a little road trip to Pagosa Springs.  

Although we didn't fly, we thought this one was worthy to share because Pagosa Springs has an airport not from town.  AND, since we chose to drive, we could enjoy a local craft beer and share on that too.  

Because of Covid, we were not allowed to stay inside the restaurant, but a big tent was set up outside and heated with propane heaters.  This atmosphere led to a lot of the patrons visiting and casually hanging out.  We met a nice couple and chatted with them until our burgers were ready.  

Let me just tell you that the beer was delicious and the burger did not disappoint at all.  Should I be ashamed that I finish a burger and fries dang near everytime.  It is just too good to leave behind.  

After we finished eating, we walked around the springs.  I was shocked to see so much skin in the dead of winter.  At some point...it just has to be cold.  

On our way back to the ski slopes, we stopped at a waterfall area and hiked up to the top.  It was so beautiful!!!  I try to remember how small I am in this big world, but it is always more apparent when I am in the mountains.  The beauty, the vast peaks and valleys...God is so kind to create all this just for us.  

Looking forward to our next flight!

3732 Quebec, Have a GOOD DAY!

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