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Every trip starts the same way...Thursday will be beautiful...where do you want to go?

I think the hardest part for Greg to decide where to go is the time we have to fly.  A short was in order because Thursday evenings are busy for our family and we need to get back before 4.  

Greg found this place in search of a great burger in Oklahoma.  It was seconded by a Plane Crazy member that enjoys traveling along Route 66.  The exciting part is that she decided to join us.  

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So...we headed to McKinney to service our plane.  The weather was beautiful.  It would be a short 75 minute flight.

We landed at the Stroud airport.  Although we did not need a car, there is one available. 

Our friend, Susan, picked us up and we were on our way to the Rock Cafe. 

The Rock Cafe has strong ties to the Pixar movie Cars.  John Lasseter and a research crew from Pixar Animation Studios visited the Rock Café in 2001 and upon meeting owner, Dawn Welch began developing the character Sally Carrera for the movie Cars with multiple visits from 2001 to 2005.  The café features items left by the crew and gifts received from her time working with Pixar and Disney.  

Although we weren't able to meet Dawn, we were able to visit with Beverly and several wait staff that spoke highly of Dawn, the restaurant and the community.  There is pride in everyone that works at the Rock Cafe.  That is a beautiful thing!!

Although the menu had several burgers, all three of us chose the Buffalo burger.  The buffalo is locally raised.

Burgers were delicious and the buns are made in house!!  Talk about going the extra mile!!  Everything was so good.  SAVE ROOM FOR DESSERT!!  The homemade peach cobbler is worth loosening the belt for.  Clearly BETSY is the reason everything tastes so darn good.  Check out the pic for the story.  ➡➡➡

Friendly service, delicious food and wonderful company made this experience and easy 5 prop rating.  I'm so glad that we pick some of the best spots to eat!!  What a joy to fly, eat and be merry!!

After we cleaned our plates, we headed to the gift shop to check out Route 66 memorabilia.  Clearly Rock Cafe is an icon.  We were not the only out of towners.  We met a nice family from Michigan that basically searches out great burgers...they just do it from the ground.  Great minds think alike. 

Rock Cafe is a wonderful stop whether you are driving or flying!  

Thank you, Susan, for this wonderful recommendation!  I'm glad we picked this spot.  

With bellies full, we headed back to the airport.  Thanks goodness for a little extra energy for the flight back.  We landed safely and made it back to Wylie in time for our boys' activities.  

Life is good!!


Have a great day! 

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