Rockin Rollerz Craft Burgers, Abilene, TX – Greg and Amy Myers' Blog
I believe this was the first time in Abilene for me.   We didn't plan a lot of site (and we should have...we stuffed our tummies and needed the walk).  

But what we did plan on was an extraordinary burger experience, and Rockin Rollerz over delivered.   When in Abilene...STOP HERE!

The burger was so delicious and the variety of fries exceeded expectation.  

Check out our video for the full review!!  

Flight is crazy freeing.  While eating, Greg suggested we go to Muskogee, OK....What!?!  We have the big ideas for our future and they might just lead us to Oklahoma.  As crazy as that sounds, we hopped in the plane and flew to Muskogee.  We made a day of flying and created a BIG triangle between McKinney, Abilene, and Muskogee.  It was an incredible day!  

I'm so grateful we have the time together.  Every Thursday, Greg is off work, so we try to plan some place fun to fly.  We are working hard to create more Thursdays in our life.  If you are interested in seeing what we do so you too can resign on your terms...let's chat!!  I would love to share to fellow aviation enthusiasts.  

Have a great day!


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