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Our passion for flying has taken on a whole new identity with Plane Crazy. Our love for a burger and a great time, has sparked an interest across the nation for others to share their stories. 

The group on Facebook is generating a large following and an interest to join us as we fly.  Honestly, nothing could make us happier when another pilot reached out to us and said “hey where are you going, I’ll meet you there.” 

 I literally couldn’t sleep in anticipation of meeting another person joining us in an adventure that all sparked from a crazy idea. So flight plans were made, we added more fuel in the plane, and we set out to Sweetwater, Texas, for a great burger.

The flight to Sweetwater was absolutely perfect.  Very few clouds in the sky.  A perfect flight with a tail wind behind us, and we made the flight in a little over an hour and a half. 

Once we landed, we saw our pilot friend waiting on us. I would’ve never guessed that a silly idea back in September would turn into creating relationships around the nation. 

The joy of doing something you love is getting to share it with other people. And that’s exactly what Plane Crazy is doing. So we met JoLynn, a fellow pilot from Denver City.  Since we had so many messages go back and forth, it was like meeting an ol’ friend.  We actually hugged.  

We grabbed the courtesy car that cost us $20 to drive 5 minutes to Roscoe.  Not so courteous, but a great car. 

The Lumberyard is old, nostalgic, and historic. The walls are covered in memorabilia of famous singers, old time toys, and  interesting signs.  There was a little bit of everything from everywhere. 

The menu is VAST!  But, we’re only there for one thing.

As all pilots do, we talked about planes, travel, where to go, the joys, the struggles, the excitement, the fixes, the wants, and the joy of owning our next plane. 

We also shared stories about our children and our families and a little bit about where we came from. 

Our friendly waitress brought us our burgers and they were not to disappoint. Stacked high, they are definitely a double fisted burger. The meat was juicy and the bun was by far the most delicious we’ve ever eaten.  It was just a little sweet, and I could’ve eaten a whole plate of just buns. 

Greg had the fries and I had the onion rings. The onion rings were hand dipped battered,and they were delicious. From there we did a little tour of the town.  Great murals and interesting buildings lined both sides of the streets.  Our next trip will require a little more sightseeing.  

Plus, the lumberyard has a nightlife that Greg and I would love to hang out in.  Lumberyard had an indoor outdoor facility that could accompany lots and lots of people dancing and drinking. We will for sure be back.   

We headed back to the FBO.  We also wanted to visit the WASP; however, it was closed for renovations,  This means we have to go come back and enjoy another burger. 

Both pilots did their walk around. And headed towards the blue sky. 

The flight back was just as smooth as the flight there. 

However, the sun was on my side, and I couldn’t help but read a few paragraphs in a new book and lay my head back and take a snooze. 

We landed in McKinney realizing everything that we had wanted to come out of Plane Crazy in just one short week had already come to fruition. 

We are looking forward to many more trips.  We are excited to share them with as many pilots as we possibly can and take as many friends as our plane will allow. 

If you haven’t already done so, set your sights on your goals and let nothing stand in your way. 

You never know what will come out of it and the adventure it will take you on. 

3732 Quebec, Have a GOOD DAY!

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