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Spontaneity is sometimes the best way to go about finding the perfect hamburger. 

On a whim, we checked the weather and headed to the airport so we could fly to Scott’s Drive In burger joint. Just a short 10 minute walk from Kickapoo Municipal Airport.  It was totally worth the trip. As always we woke up early, so Greg could prepare the flight plan. I poured the coffee and looked for things to do in the Wichita area.

We love it when the weather shows that it’s going to be an easy flight and we don’t have to file IFR, it just makes one less thing to do. This is only the second time up in our airplane since our annual. I love it knowing that we’re as safe as possible in the air.

My copilot responsibilities...catch up on some business stuff that I’ve been putting off, enjoy some Christmas music, and chill.  It’s a few weeks before the holidays and I enjoyed relaxing.  It was a super short flight...less than 45 minutes in the air and we landed at Kickapoo.

One of my favorite moments is when we first arrive at the airport and the people on call or whoever it is that’s ready to receive us comes out and welcomes us. It says a lot about the place and Kickapoo is no exception to the rule. Friendliness and hospitality are their essence and they made us feel so welcomed. 

We were offered a courtesy car however we knew that Scott’s was a short walk so we decided to leave the car and head out.

When we got to Scott’s I just had to chuckle because all of a sudden I felt like I was watching an episode of Happy Days. It just took me back to a place of total nostalgia.

Upon entering we were greeted by several men that were white aprons with white hats and walked on a blue and white checkered floor.  Although there’s nothing extra fancy about the place, it felt like home and great place to get a burger.

And of course, it did not disappoint.  You know me... I’m all about the cowboy burger with barbecue sauce, jalapeños, onions, and cheese. That’s my kind of burger and there was one on the menu.  Greg, however, was after the classic burger.

He chose the tater tots, and I chose the onion rings. They were by far one of my favorite parts of the meal. There's nothing like a good crispy onion ring to make the whole meal worth it. And the burgers were delicious.   If you’re super hungry go all in get the double or the triple. 

While we ate, we watched cars come and go to the drive-in.  The men with the white hats and aprons would run in and out of the restaurant taking out orders and showing genuine gratefulness for all patrons who use the restaurant. You could tell it was an establishment with repeat customers because people knew each other’s names and they seem to have a familiar air with them. 

While we ate, we contemplated if we wanted to go back to the airport and borrow a courtesy car and go see the Wichita Falls sites.  

In the end, we chose to head home.   If you have the time to stay, Wichita Falls offers several museums and has a nice nature facility so you can enjoy an afternoon outside or inside if the weather is chilly. The weather back was absolutely perfect and it seemed like time went by even faster.

Anyone ever get a little nauseous when the sun’s beating down on your window?  That’s me! A little bit of lightheadedness occurred but thankfully I’m not the one that’s in charge... just copiloting. I use peppermint oil and that seems to help, but I’m always open for suggestions.  

We arrived safely back at McKinney.  Our routine after putting the plane inside is to zoom over to the FBO and grab a cup of coffee.  Our home based FBO is pretty awesome!!  It was an absolutely fantastic adventure. Next on our list of somewhere we can go get a great burger and also find something to do to share with you so there’s more than just complaints though.  Burgers are the best. 

Have a great day!


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