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Headed to Amarillo to experience the airport diner that is already getting GREAT reviews from other pilots.  I always appreciate a great referral.  

We left in the morning with a bit of a headwind, but all we got is time today.  

It was a super smooth flight.  I'm still working on my PPL, so in between changing frequencies, I'm taking practice tests.  Greg is super helpful when it comes to clarification.  Getting closer.  

We flew north of the of Palo Duro Canyon.  It is really beautiful!!  The second largest canyon in the United States.  What I wouldn't give to grab a side by side and go exploring.  We have have only hiked a very, very small part of it.  Next trip...we will plan on a longer visit.  

Safe landing at Tradewind and we were greeted by friends that flew into have lunch with us.  JoLynn joined us from Denver City.  We met about this time last year in Sweetwater, TX, for the same kind of lunch. I love when that happens.  Some of my best friendships have been created in the aviation world.  

Lots of catching up about planes, family, and future plans.  We all talked at length about living close to airports and the conveniences of being able to hop in the plane anytime...even if it is to catch a sunrise.  

Shelby's Diner has a great story behind, but you will have to watch the video to catch it from John, the FBO manager.  I love visiting with people that have big visions.  I'm so excited for Tradewind's future.  Big things are coming to this airport and it will definitely be worth a return visit to see the progress.  

Shelby's Diner just opened in the last month.  The servers are super friendly and there is just a great feel to the place.  It's a Happy Place!!  While you enjoy lunch (or breakfast), you have big windows to watch planes come and go.  And this airport is BUSY.  The diner was full the entire time we were there.  

We all enjoyed different burgers and literally licked our lips as we finished every single bite.  You see the 3rd picture??   Yes, my friends, that's bacon and eggs on top of a juicy patty.  Every was delicious!!  Sadly, we didn't save room for dessert, but pies and cakes are locally homemade.  My favorite kind.  It was recommended to save room for the peanut butter chocolate pie.  

The whole trip got us thinking about airpark homes.  As we flew south to Lubbock to see our son (it is only a 35 minute flight to LBB), we flew over River Falls Airpark and the canyon.  It was spectacular.  The views were so pretty.  That day will come when we have the option to move out of the Dallas area and into a more rural area.  We miss open spaces.  AND, we really want to have the convenience of hopping in the plane instead of our normal 40 minute commute to the airport.  Until then...we keep looking for the best "next place" to land.  

Have a great day!


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