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Life is better when burgers are shared with friends. 

Kind of a last minute trip, Greg and I decided to head to Weatherford to visit a few of our business partners. One of them had picked out a place called Shep’s. 

I think I was most excited for this trip because I was getting to meet people that I had only met through Zoom or talked to on the phone.  It was the first time I would get to hug them (I’m a hugger) and really get to know them person-to-person. 

Laura offered to pick us up at the airport, and we jumped on the opportunity. So after a short and smooth flight, we landed.  Waiting for us on the tailgate of the pickup was Laura and  her husband Scotty. 

I seriously couldn’t wait to meet her.  I opened the door, hopped off the plane, and ran over to greet her. Her hug was like hugging a friend I’ve known for years. I love when relationships can happen like that.  

After some quick introductions between husbands and wives we headed to Shep’s where we would meet Jacy and her husband. 

Shep’s had a whole lot of interesting and unique hamburgers.  Some of them were named after the important people or influential people of the town.  That was so cool because it separated them from every other place. Greg chose a pizza burger, and I chose a burger with cream cheese and raw jalapeños on it.   Both were incredibly delicious. Plenty of fries and sweet potato fries were served as the side.  You know me...I’m a buns girl. The bun held that huge hamburger together!!  Every last bite was delicious.   And yes...finished the whole thing.  

But in all honesty the best part about this trip was not so much the hamburgers as it was the company we enjoyed.  All of us laughed and chatted and talked.  We  probably stayed way too long but enjoyed our first meeting together. 

I highly recommend the place.  You can kind of tell that everybody loves coming here as every single table including outdoors was full. The service was friendly, kind, courteous  .Not one complaint about the whole place. 

With smiles on our faces, we returned to the airport and had a safe flight home to McKinney. 5 prop rating, Shep’s!  Well done!


Have a great day!

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