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Everything about the day was absolutely wonderful.  It started off with our friend, Kathy,  jumping in the truck with us to heading to the airport.  It was a perfect day to fly and wheels were up by 9am.  Why so early???  We need to be back in time to take Kaden to Ft. Worth for his fishing tournament.  We want to make the most of our burger run to El Reno, Oklahoma. 

We found an equine facility in Yukon, about 15 miles from El Reno called Express Clydesdales. We wanted to visit the Clydesdales and other animals before making our way to Sid’s Diner.

Our flight took a little longer because we had a west wind, but it was a smooth flight. 

We landed at the El Reno Regional Airport and were quickly greeted by Adam Fox, FBO manager, and a member of our Plane Crazy community.  It is so cool that our paths are beginning to cross with so many of you.  Adam is energetic and friendly!  This is the man you want to shake hands with as soon as you land.  He tossed us with keys to the courtesy car.  We were on our way. 

Express Clydesdales was amazing.  It's a beautiful barn that Bob Funk had restored with the help of the Amish in the 90’s.  He generously opened it to the public. We were surrounded and in awe of the Clydesdales and Percherons.

Most of the Clydesdales were visiting Texas and entertaining people at corporate events, parades, and exhibitions.  But one barn was full of energetic Percherons that begged for lots of attention.  They poked their large heads through the windows welcoming scratches and lovin’.  They were so sweet and literally bobbing their heads for attention. 

Vinny was my favorite! He’s at the end stall in the barn, and he did this adorable little thing with his lip. I think he was telling stories and talking about his life. He was so darn cute. He wanted lots of attention and he sure got it from every person that passed by.  

We enjoyed the beauty, but our bellies were rumbling as breakfast was a long time ago and we were ready to try the best onion burger in the state. It was time to head to Sid’s. 

Pulling up this there was a line outside the door,  picnic tables under the pavilion were full of people, and the smell of delicious burger and onions filled the air.  Upon entering, you are greeted with a friendly smile.  The place was packed and the young waitress at the register made time to be friendly to us and each customer that came in after us.  Here's the setup...counter on the left or tables on the right.  The option to eat outside was also available.  

I was excited to eat at the counter and insisted that we take the last 3 seats available. I quickly made friends with the gentlemen beside and talked as though we had known each other for years.  Love when that happens!!

The staff was in constant motion!!  It was so well orchestrated and everyone seemed to help each other out.  From where I was sitting, you could tell that people...even though dealing with a fast paced, high stress job, enjoyed their work and who they worked with. 

The crowds kept coming in and the waitress continued to serve them with a smile and a welcome to Sid’s. So here’s the main event...THE ONION BURGERS.  

The grill is part of the atmosphere.  It was so cool to see the onion burgers being fried up right in front of us.   Fresh patties pressed on the grill and covered with shredded onions...LOT'S OF THEM!

Bring your appetite. Servings are BIG, and that includes the sides.  Greg ordered the tator tots and Kathy and I had the onion rings.  Perfect crunch!!  There was so much food!! Greg and Kathy finished, but I had to leave the rest behind. That doesn’t happen very often.  

We enjoyed meeting Adam.  Check out these stats.  

  • 5,000 hamburgers every week
  • Open 6 days a week, ALL DAY
  • 80-100 pounds of onions 
  • 3rd generation owner
  • Newlywed!  Adam and his wife work together at the grill 6 out of 7 days a week.

They are knocking it out of the park on service, unique burger, and friendliness.  Oh, and have I mentioned that it is super affordable and worth every penny.  

These burgers are so good that a cycling club rode from OKC to El Reno to enjoy a burger.  A 56 mile round trip.  We will fly for burgers...they will ride for burgers!!

Crowds were still coming in, we gave up our seats and headed back to the airport.  

Remember Adam, from the FBO?  He created a cool swag bag for me full of information about El Reno and the airport.  We stayed and chatted.  Listening to Adam share his vision for the airport was exciting.  I love spending time with people that have a vision for things bigger than themselves.  Greg and I like to think that’s what connects us to others.  Being a part of something bigger!  

Check out the great things that are coming to the El Reno Regional Airport.  

Have a great day!


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