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Quite possibly the best burger we have eaten to this point. 

So yesterday Greg asked if we were going to fly somewhere and find a hamburger,  and I’m like “sure wherever you wanna go.” Knowing that I hadn’t seen my parents in quite a while, he decided to look in Kansas. He found a fan tastic restaurant in an air park in Benton Kansas. It’s a 2 hour drive from my parents, and an hour and 40 minute flight for us.

Hoping they could be spontaneous, we sent the address and asked if they were available around noon. They agreed and plans were made. Sunday morning arrived and it was super foggy.  All of you know, FOG plays havoc on a flight plan. We headed to church.  By the time mass ended, the clouds burned off, fog lifted, and we were headed to the airport. Wheels were up by 9 o’clock. 

The sky was blue, and the wind was calmy. Like always Greg was busy with the details of attending to altitude, pressure gauges, and talking to flight control. As for me I downloaded a Netflix movie called “Wish Man,” and I don’t regret it. 

If you happen to be the copilot in the plane with nothing to do,  “Wish Man” is a great story about how the Make-A-Wish foundation was created. It’s definitely a great watch. 

Anyway...we landed in Benton, Kansas, in the dead of winter.  Everything was dead and yellow but still an incredible sight to see. The airpark in Benton is surrounded by lovely homes.  

This is a perfect place for airplane enthusiasts who are thinking of eventually living with their plane. On to the restaurant... A fantastic atmosphere, great service, delicious drinks and burgers to die for. This is absolutely a place to repeat. 

I ordered the smokehouse burger, and Greg ordered the Sterling burger. He had fries, and I had sweet potato fries.  We also managed to order two appetizers. And if you have a big appetite you can’t go wrong with the fried green beans and the fried pickles with ranch dressing. 

However, we spied other people’s orders and wish we’d also ordered the potatoes and the pretzels. I don’t think there is a bad thing on the menu. 

Because I’m not the one flying I chose to order a spicy bloody Mary.  It came with plenty of vegetables and a strip of bacon. Again if you’re the copilot and not in charge of anything other than the entertainment, I highly recommend a drink. 

Again...did I mention that the service was great. Our waiter was Chase, and he catered to us without any hesitation. The cool murals, atmosphere, and chill conversation had us wanting more. But these burgers were top notch. For the first time in several months I wasn’t able to finish, and Greg didn’t want my leftovers. 

After we finished our meal it was time for a walk - A longer one than usual.  It was fun to look at the houses, see all the airplanes come and enjoy a nice crisp day in Kansas. Without any doubt this is a place all air park enthusiasts and burger lovers should check out.

Before leaving we fueled up, grabbed our energy drink and headed back to McKinney, TX. This was a first for my parents enjoying a burger with us. And they had nothing but rave reviews. ( in the world does one forget to a picture with them)

The flight back was an easy one. However after one bloody Mary, I needed to take a nap.  We made it safely back and as soon as our wheels touched the ground my step mom texted that they were home. 

Perfect timing!!

 It was an absolutely perfect day for a spontaneous trip. Anyone with the plane knows that being able to see family on a whim is a great gift. We have lived away from our parents for 25 years. And in Texas 20 of those. It is always a blessing to be able to get together even if it is only for a few hours. 

Those that live away from family know that it’s quality of time and not quantity that matters and today was no exception.

3732 Quebec, Have a GOOD DAY!

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