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Greg has his IFR certification, but so far the weather in Texas in the middle of December has been too perfect to even need it. Thumbs up to another great day trip planned.  

So, today we traveled to Hamilton to check out a restaurant called Storms.  From what we can tell, it’s a mom and pop kind of restaurant.  It was established many years ago, and we are looking forward to seeing what kind of hamburgers they have in store for us. 

The hour flight to Hamilton was super easy, and we flew east of Dallas Fort Worth airport which was pretty cool to see from the sky.

For those of you that are rarely in a plane or have never been in a small plane, let me tell you what happens in the plane while in flight. 

So for the pilot, it is a lot of screens, a lot of buttons, and a lot of different gauges.  Greg spends an enormous amount of time writing things down, turning knobs, talking to the air traffic control, and appears to be constantly busy. 

As for the copilot (me), it’s a completely different story.  Before we left this morning, I downloaded a great Christmas movie and also packed a book to read.  Every once in a while I take a picture or a video but for the most part I keep to myself.  

When we fly over busy airspace it’s hard to have a conversation because we keep getting interrupted by air traffic control. Which is totally cool because their job is to keep us safe. It doesn’t take long to get outside of the DFW area.   All of a sudden, the houses spread out, the buildings get smaller and there’s a lot of wide open spaces.  You can see cows on grass and dust in the distance from farmers tilling the soil. 

It takes Greg and I both back to where we grew up in Kansas, but we never saw it from this vantage point until we started to fly. 

We landed in Hamilton and were immediately greeted with the courtesy car and a welcome to Hamilton.

There wasn’t much there but it was a nice clean stop.  The car was super clean andone of the best we’ve borrowed. 

We immediately took off for Storms as we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and both of us were hungry. As we approach you can see the big Storms Drive In sign towering above the restaurant. 

It was a really cool layout with a porch area where you can enjoy outdoor dining on picnic tables.  When you walked in, it was just like we old time mom and pop kind of diner. This is Greg’s favorite kind of place to visit...mine too.  

We like the laid-back southern atmosphere. Good genuine hospitality. And classic burgers that just never get old. Greg ordered the cordon bleu burger. I've never really seen anything like it. It was a hamburger patty slice down the middle with ham stuffed into it.

He said it was delicious. I ordered the sourdough classic hamburger with mustard, tomato, lettuce, onion, and cheese. Nothing beats a cowboy burger except a classic. 

Storm burgers have a charbroil taste to them.  YUM!!  We each ended up with spicy curly fries, and shared mozzarella sticks just to give them a try. We left the table full...not a scrap or crumb to spare. 

One of our favorite things to do after we’re all finished enjoying a burger is go walk around. So we headed back to the downtown area of Hamilton and admired the architect of the courthouse and learned a little history about a schoolteacher that was massacred by the Native Americans in the mid-1800s. 

Every place has a story and this was no exception. Across the street from the courthouse for several small shops and we decided to check out Jordan‘s drug store.

To our delight they served homemade ice cream in the most delightful atmosphere ever. 

It literally looked like something that was out of a movie. It reminded us of a simpler time. Greg enjoyed the salted caramel, and I had the butter pecan…the butter pecan was delicious. 

From there we headed back to the airport, fueled up, and headed back to McKinney. The flight back was just as nice as the flight there.  We flew right in between Dallas and Fort Worth almost directly over DFW. 

Once we got back to McKinney we stayed in the pattern and allowed Air Evac to do their job. Landing safely is always a blessing. 

We look forward to our next adventure. If you have a recommendation of a hamburger place you just love, please email us at

Have a great day!  


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