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Zero clouds, one plane, two people....limitless possibilities.  

We had the whole day to ourselves.  No schedule or responsibilities to rush home too, so we chose an all day trip to Hot Springs, AR.  Neither one of us had ever been there before, and it is always fun to experience our "firsts" together.  

We flew into Memorial Field otherwise know as Hot Springs Municipal Airport.  Friendly lineman and staff waited on us.  We grabbed the courtesy car and headed to town.  We had a small, but full agenda.  Find the best burger, venture up the look out tower, wonder the downtown area, sit in a historic bathhouse, and enjoy a famous cupcake.  

So let's start with burger!!  We had originally planned to go outside of town for our burger, but time was against us with the courtesy car.  We had it for 2 hours and since the first place was a 30 drive, we decided to take in Superior Bathhouse Brewery which is conveniently located in historic downtown Hot Springs. 

Never discount a change of plans.  Superior Bathhouse Brewery was a fantastic plan B.  Cool atmosphere, great service and delicious burgers.  AND...because I flew to Hot Springs, I was able to try a few of their beers.  Superior is the only brewery in the world to utilize thermal spring water in their beer.  I ordered a flight and enjoyed their stout and sour peach beer.  

Back to burgers...Greg enjoyed Rose's Burger (named after the owner) and I couldn't resist the Blue Burger.  Plenty of toppings made these extra yummy.  You can never go wrong with a lot of blue cheese. The hamburger is large and cooked to a perfect temp.  The seasoned fries were also very good, and there was so much food that we weren't able to finish it.  Highly recommend.  We grabbed a souvenir glass and headed for the next stop.

For a couple that lives in the middle of a city, the look out tower was perfect for us to get 360 views of the area.  It was breathtaking! If you haven't watch the sure to check it out.  

Next was the bathhouse!!  We returned the courtesy car to the airport and then uber-ed back into town.  Not sure we planned that very well. Be prepared...Hot Springs has 4 Uber drivers for a tourist town.  Be sure to plan ahead.  

We were dropped off at one of the many bathhouses.   We enjoyed the hot springs for about an hour (no pictures allowed) and then headed to the Fat Bottomed Girl's Cupcake Shoppe. 

Little know fact...Fat Bottomed Girl's Cupcake Shoppe is known for their debut on CUPCAKE WARS Comedy Cupcakes Episode!  

Its a perfect way to end a great day!  Be prepared...they have the largest selection of cupcakes that I have ever seen and making a decision on one or two cupcakes was next to impossible.

It was quite a day and we seem to always pack a lot into one day. There is so much history here!  Famous for the bathhouses, St. Patrick's Day Parade, and gangsters...Hot Springs did not disappoint and we both promised ourselves it was worth another trip.

Have a great day!


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