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Some of the best trips are the ones that are made the last minute. It seems to be a running theme with Plane Crazy.  After a solid week of freezing temperatures in Texas, we were beyond excited when the sun started to shine and melt the snow. We hadn’t made plans to jump in the plane because of the mess we had around the house, but we set all that aside and made a short trip to Saint Jo.  

We waited for the washing machine cycle to stop, powered off the vacuum cleaner, and headed out the door.  All these tasks could wait.  Sun was shining, and it had been three weeks since we’ve been up in our plane.  The time was NOW!

The closest airport to St. Jo  is in Gainesville. It was an easy 20 minute flight from mcKinney. 

Since our trip was a last-minute trip, we were unable to invite anyone. But as we got closer to the runway, I remember that one of my business partners lives near Muenster, a little town that sits between Saint Jo and Gainesville. 

On a whim I texted her and asked her if she wanted to meet for lunch and she said “yes.” So on top of going for a really great burger. I was going to meet someone that had partnered with me in business that I hadn’t met before except through Zoom. I was giddy with excitement!

We landed safely in Saint Jo, grabbed the courtesy car, and we were off. I have to say the courtesy car is always one of the exciting parts of the trip. You actually never know what you’re going to get. Since the airport is owned by the city, we assumed it would be an old police car.

And it was!

It was a stripped out black Tahoe. And when driving it, you could see the ground even when the door was closed. You can’t do anything but laugh and remain incredibly grateful. We are always thankful to have a car to borrow. 

Gainesville to Saint Jo was about a 15 minute drive. The area is beautiful!

Although Saint Jo has a number of places to eat at, we chose the burger at The Lazy Heart Grill. 

It’s nostalgic setting is right on the square of Saint Jo. The atmosphere in the restaurant is really spectacular. The building has been beautifully renovated, the service and people are incredibly friendly, and they have a list of homemade desserts a mile long. 

We arrived a few minutes before my business partner, Lora, walked in.  As soon as she walked in, I knew she was an amazing woman. Head held high, friendly smile, and welcoming hug was exactly who I love doing business with.    The casual conversation made our hamburgers and the whole experience even better.

Greg ordered the mushroom Swiss Bacon Burger, Lora ordered the classic cheeseburger, and I ordered the Tex-Mex burger. By far some of the best hamburgers we have eaten. Juicy and held together with a delicious bun...this a must for all looking for a great burger.  I strongly recommend a day trip to visit Saint Jo. If you are looking for more than a burger, there are several wineries in the area!! Maybe an overnight trip next time! 

On a side note, Greg and I used to live in a little town called Bowie just south west of Saint Joe. Greg owned the veterinary clinics in Bowie and Nocona.  I taught in both of those communities and then opened a portrait studio in downtown Bowie.  We started our family in Bowie, and the community and its people will always have a special place in our hearts.  

Have a great day!


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