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Featured image is courtesy of The Lokal website.

Beautiful in McKinney....CRAZY windy in Yukon.  However...blowing straight out of the south, so it made for an easy landing on runway 17.  Someone once told us that the if you don't learn to fly in the wind, you will not fly very often.  We always find this to be extremely true in our Midwest adventures.

Just to be clear.  We love the area!!!  Oklahoma City is one of our favorite places to fly too and explore.  It's about an hour flight from McKinney so we have the whole day to hang out and look around.  

We flew into Clarence E. Page Municipal Airport which is located just west of Yukon.  We were offered the courtesy car and made our way to the Lokal.  Yukon has a great small town feel to it, and doesn't seem to be bothered by the business of OKC which bumps right up to it. 

We heard The Lokal had the best burger in town, so it made the list.  The Lokal is right on Route 66.  We have actually visited another restaurant on Route 66 in El Reno.  Sid's Diner is about 30 minutes west of Yukon. 

This restaurant has a lot of pride in their Oklahoma heritage.  It is displayed in their down home cooking and beautifully decorated space.  Everyone's plates looked delicious and the portions are generous!!  

Greg enjoyed the BBQ Cheddar Burger.  Covered in homemade blueberry bourbon BBQ sauce, black forest ham, cheddar cheese and all the fixins' ended up being finger lickin' good right down to the last bite.  I never thought of putting ham on a burger and Greg loved it!!

I chose the Jalapeño Pepper Jack Burger.  Topped with grilled jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion was absolutely delicious and just enough kick!!  

The regular fries and sweet potato fries were crispy and too yummy to leave any on the plate.  Our waiter recommended that I eat my sweet potato fries with honey mustard dressing and they were so delicious.  Again...never that about doing that and it ended up being a great way to dip my fries.  

The restaurant was a revolving door of hungry customers.  Most, if not all the tables were filled the whole time we were eating.  They sent us with to go cups to finish our unsweet tea (I know...very un-Texan of us) and we made our day exploring the Yukon area.  Again...always looking for our next place to "land."

We took off into a straight headwind.  It did take us a bit longer to get home, but the flight was super easy.  

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