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We woke up and after forecasted showers were delayed, Greg did a little research and found a place south of here that would be perfect for a quick day trip. 

By 10AM, we were in the car headed to the airport.  By 10:30, wheels were up. 

Outside of overcast skies, the flying conditions were perfect. We flew at 2500 feet, with about a 30 minute ETA. 

If you are reading are either a pilot, co-pilot, or dreaming of becoming one.  No matter which of the 3 you are, there is no better escape, feeling, adrenaline rush…just plane living when you level out and take in the vastness of the windshield.  

Words can hardly explain the excitement of flying.  It never grows old.  It is still exciting to take off and realize...this is my life.  

We landed in Tyler, Texas, and we’re excited to see lots of planes on display as part of the aviation museum that is on site. We were definitely going to take that in after our big lunch.

Instead of finding The Sky View Café, we discovered The Sky's The Limit Diner under new operation for about a year. We were greeted with friendly faces and a welcome to sit anywhere we pleased. 

Of course, we picked the big window seats so we could watch planes takeoff and land while we ate.  American Airlines flies out of Tyler, so there was a lot of action on the runway. 

Checking out the menu, we decided on the brunch burger and a chipotle burger. When our sweet waitress had arrived with the food I was delighted to see that the sweet potato fries had just a sprinkle of sugar on them. I knew I was in for a treat and couldn’t be happier. Greg’s burger oozed with melted cheddar cheese on top of an all beef patty, two pieces of crispy bacon, and an egg.  He was in heaven. 

All things spicey is my way of life, and I tend to lean towards anything with a kick.  However...Greg was an egg on the burger virgin. This was his first.     

Everything about the meal was beyond delicious.  5 prop for sure!!  Service, quality of food, taste, bun...everything was awesome! 

The real fun began after we ate and found that a C130 was landing at Tyler to deliver supplies for people who were still without water from the recent snow storms in Texas. Although we missed the landing we were able to watch it taxi up.  It was quite a sight and the sound was huge.  

It’s moments like these that I am beyond proud to live in America and thankful for the men and women that serve on my behalf.  I can only imagine what this looks like around the world when American planes land and deliver aid.  

Be sure to check out the video for some live action.

After about 30 minutes of touring the aircrafts that were on display, we packed up and headed back to McKinney. 

As we flew, a few sprinkles rolled in.  We were glad that we had the opportunity to make a short day trip. Anytime we’re in the plane it’s a good time. 

We are excited that Plane Crazy is taking off and that you have chosen to spend your time with us. As you watch the YouTube video please hit subscribe, we appreciate your support. 

Have a great day!  3732Q

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