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Burgers, cannons, and ironclads!

History trips are always my kind of trips.  Being a former 8th grade American History teacher, I have taught about the turning point of the Civil War.  The strategy, the men, the determination to control the Mississippi River, but I had never really seen it.  Plus...our history curriculum teaching one thing...North won the battle and divided the South.  

So without any real plans for the weekend, we decided to fly to Vicksburg, MS.  History first, burger second or vice versa. 

Great day for flying!!  We weren't in any real hurry today, and since we were enjoying a bit cooler temps, we didn't set out too early.  On the way to the airport...we decided we would visit the The Tomato Stand.  It sounded interesting the pictures had us guessing what kind of place we had scoped out.  

We chose to fly into Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport.  A courtesy car was available, and Levi gave us the friendliest service.  

We drove the 13 minute drive to The Tomato Stand.   IT IS LITERALLY A TOMATO STAND.  Nestled right off the highway, it is a great place to pick up fruits, vegetables, flowers and so much more.   

To top it is a great place to eat a burger.  We chose the burger places because it came with a salad that was out of this world.  The servings are really big and the food is delicious.  I enjoyed the Jamaican Burger...fired yams, jerk sauce, and several slices of pineapple.  Greg chose the BBQ Smoked Hamburger...instead of jams, his was served with home style fries. 

It doesn't take long to chow through lunch when you are super hungry.  We enjoyed every last bite and then headed to the Vicksburg National Military Park.   If you are interested in history, this is a great place to visit.  We watched a 20 minute video that set the stage for the rest of the tour.  We walked through the museum and then decided to listen to the mobile tour as we drove through the battlefield.  We randomly would get out and walk around the monuments, we spotted trenches that were dug by Union troops, and we investigated an ironclad.  

I can do these kind of things all day long.  I just enjoy catching a glimpse of the past.  It was a really great day.  

The flight back to McKinney was an easy one.  The whole day was easy and relaxing. 

What is your favorite museum??  I always like to include fun things to see and do on our trips...let us know your favorite. 

Have great day!


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