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Boot Camp: Day 3

The Anatomy of Your 'Mousetrap'

How to Capture More Leads

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Today we talk about building the doorway to your online network marketing empire.

Now before you can start putting any type of “mouse trap” for your business together, you must first identify who your target market is and find different audiences to “test”.

Once that is done, you’re ready to start putting together your trap or “funnel” as we’re going to refer to it from here on out.

In online marketing, there's a special kind of webpage which will entice thousands of people to start sending you their contact information, so you can do the very thing you want to do:

Sell your products, services and opportunity to people who want to hear about what you have to say and buy what you have.

This specific type of webpage is called a "capture page" (a.k.a. "squeeze page" or "gateway page").

The page that allowed you to receive this valuable boot camp is an example of a capture page at work.

The audience who comes to the capture page is given two choices:

1. Give you their information and opt-in, in exchange for valuable information

- OR -

2. Get out

That's it. Choose 1) or 2) - very straightforward.

This seems a bit harsh, but let's rehash the all-important marketing principle I presented earlier - the money is in the list. No list = No money.

You cannot create a relationship with your audience or tell them about what you have, if you don't know their name and don't have their contact information. Hence... get their information or politely invite them to leave.

In the case of Temper-Pedic™, I had no problem giving up my info for a "piece of cheese" and some information so you know it works.

The Capture Page

Now, let's talk about the the capture page and what makes it successful.

First, realize that most people surfing the web will spend no more than a few seconds judging if a webpage contains any content worth sticking around for. These folks are "back-button happy".

Therefore, your capture page must engage their interest and convey your message within a few seconds.

Second, realize that people make buying decisions based on emotions... then they back up that decision with logic.

Your capture page must trigger that emotion - invoke a desire to want to opt-in and the curiosity to see what it's on the other side.

Here’s an example of the capture page you opted into for this boot camp:

Your capture page has to make it brainlessly-simple for them to logically conclude that it'd be silly not to!

And you must do this in a very limited amount of space...

(Now understand, I’m trying to fit as much as I can into one newsletter and is by no means, an in-depth training. But a lot more of the “how tos” can be found inside The Attraction Marketing Formula.)

The Magic Slot Machine

Picture this... you go to Vegas and you sift through all the carousel of slot machines. You make your way around the elderly, the curious, the drunk, and the frustrated. Then you see it...

Your special slot machine.

THE slot machine.

You feel the vibe, and you can't help it. You know this is it. This is your day and this is the machine that's going to pay.

You sit in front of it, you feel it for a few moments, you pay your respects. You feel that connection. Then you do it... you put in that first quarter.

You hold your breath, pull the lever, and watch the spinning wheels go round and round. The wheels slow down and you study the pictures, waiting for them to align themselves.

And they do.

You just won 50 cents! This is indeed your day.

So what do you do? You put in the 50 cents and pull the lever again and BAM! You get 75 cents back.

You put in 75 cents and you get a dollar. On and on you go. It never fails, that slot machine just keeps giving you money.

It's as if it were "magical".

How long do you think you would have sat there? 10 minutes? An hour? An entire day?

As long as you can I bet! I bet you would even get your friends to come take shifts with you so you can continually cash in on this 'Magic Slot Machine'!

Well guess what, you CAN have a Magic Slot Machine in your business and better yet, you don't even have to manually pull the lever.

You can have social media platforms like Facebook pull the lever for you.

How Your Magic Slot Machine Works

I look at this entire sales process as a relationship - as should you.

And like any relationship, it's give-and-take and it's going to take time to foster. You can't expect the other party to invest their entire trust and loyalty in you in one gigantic step.

You want to make it easy for them. You want to earn their trust and loyalty one step at a time. Here's how you do it:

Step 1: Insert Your Quarter

You started this relationship when you put money and/or time into generating web traffic to your website. (You insert your quarter.)

Step 2: Pull the Lever & Spin the Wheels

When that traffic arrives on your capture page; your potential prospects give you their information in exchange for your free valuable insights and information. (The wheels on the slot machine spin.)

Step 3: The Initial Payout - Self Funded Proposal

The next step is the introduction of the "front-end" offer.

Before your potential clients are going to put down big $ for your product or opportunity, they might feel more comfortable putting down a little $ for a smaller, less expensive solution (think of it as giving YOU and your expertise a test-drive).

Your 'front-end' retail product will cover your marketing costs & produce a nice little profit, (i.e. insert quarter, get $0.50 back).

Step 4: The Jackpot

Then if they deem the 'front-end' offer to be of high value (far above what they paid), it gives your pricier product or opportunity credibility. They will expect that you will over deliver again. So the likelihood of them purchasing the big payout 'back-end' product goes up.

This entire process: traffic generation, the capture page, providing value, and this upfront product, is geared towards building rapport between you and your client as well as your reputation.

Why Others Fail

The main problem is... many network marketers either have no understanding of this concept or end up wasting loads of money on things that don't work... to the point of bankruptcy! They spend loads of money on buying leads and advertising blindly hoping that they will make some money back.

But that day never comes and they end up in the poor house and quit.

Lucky for you there is an alternative to spending money on cold leads or blind adverts and praying for a payback.

Imagine strategically focusing your efforts and always knowing that you are guaranteed a profit - just like the Magic Slot Machine. That's how internet marketing works, when done right!

Thus far in this Boot Camp series, you have been introduced to some very crucial steps:

You've invested money or time to attract prospects to your capture page

You have gotten their contact information

You impressed them with your experience and expertise through the valuable free emails you sent to them

Each of the emails has a tasteful plug for your "front-end" offer.

Your front end will serve to offset any advertising cost, (unless, you use free exposure methods - in which case, you make a profit right away!)

This 'front-end' offer will provide even more value, educate and sell them on the next step which is to JOIN YOU!

You must market your front-end product in such a way that it becomes a no-brainer to purchase. It needs to be low-risk and a low-commitment purchase for the buyer.

This front-end offer must be relatively low cost, be of extremely high value, and, just like your emails, must over-deliver.

Remember, your prospects will be judging you and your primary opportunity based on the 'front-end' product. Your credibility is on the line.

This self-funded process is what's missing from most home businesses.

When your prospects pay for your marketing, regardless of whether they join you primary opportunity or product, you're always ahead.

Like the Magic Slot Machine, you will want to reinvest your front-end profits right back into your marketing campaign to generate even MORE leads, create MORE prospects, and give yourself an opportunity to always be recruiting more people.

So picture this...

A marketing campaign that's automated, automatically generates leads and sales, and ultimately creates more cash than you spend funding it.

In other words FREE marketing!

THAT my friend is the Magic Slot Machine, THAT is the beauty of online marketing.

To Creating Your "Magic Slot Machine",

Greg and Amy Myers

Your Online Coaches and Mentors

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