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Boot Camp: Day 4

Will You Marry Me?

How to Get Your Customer to Fall in Love With You and Your Product

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A few years ago, my good friend James decided to conduct a social experiment one sunny Sunday afternoon.

He took a shower, got out his best looking tux, put on his best smelling cologne, got a plump-looking red rose, and hit the mall at its busiest time - bustling with shoppers...

He had a mission - he wanted to see if he can get a woman to marry him.

Yes, you read that correctly, he wanted to see if you can get a woman to marry him.

And I am talking about women he's never met in his life -- random women that are shopping at the mall.

In about an hour's worth of time he talked to 53 different women - varying in age.

James put on his best smile and approached each one of them with a rose in hand. He simply looked at them in the eyes and busted out the words...

"Will you marry me?"

Guess how many said, "Yes"....

None. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nyet!

Woah! Shocker, right!?

Why Your Prospects Say "No"

Okay, I have to say my buddy James is not a bad looking guy, he has straight white teeth, is well-groomed, and is well dressed (I mean, you really can't top a tuxedo can you?)

But I have to admit, I wasn't shocked in the least bit by the results.

Out of the 53 women he asked to marry him, he got a big FAT ZERO for positive responses.

Yes, I believe if there was a record for this, my buddy just set it - how many times can you get rejected in an hour.

You must be sitting there scratching your head and laughing your face off thinking to yourself:

"OF COURSE he got rejected! He didn't even bother getting to know these women and he's already trying to get them to buy into a marriage with him??? Is he nuts?"

And, I agree with you.

But chew on this, millions of network marketers act JUST like James did when it comes to getting prospects to join your business or buy your products.

The Indecent Proposal

Are YOU guilty of this? It is my guess, that if are reading this newsletter, the answer is probably 'yes'.

Do you ask your PROSPECTS to join your business, after just 1 meeting?

Do you invite people you've never met before to join your team on social media?

Do you obsessively "follow up" with PROSPECTS after they've already told you 'no' or stop answering your calls?

Do you ask your prospects to "marry" you without establishing a relationship?

Would YOU give your credit card info to some stranger you don't know?

Would YOU go into a business relationship with someone you just met?

How about a marriage?

Probably not. Right?

Then why do many network marketers do the same to their prospects?

Greg and I were the worst before we discovered Attraction Marketing…

For 2 years straight we were driving all over the state of Texas to prospect strangers at malls, coffee shops, Walmart, and anywhere else we thought might have a crowd of people…

After 2 years and talking to literally THOUSANDS of people, we recruited 87 people…

And they disappeared within a few months of joining the business.

So don't get me wrong, SOME people might join your business, but these folks are VERY VERY few. But those are the same folks who are likely to jump from deal to deal, without much thought - having absolutely no loyalty to anyone.

Using my friend James' example and look at the other side of the coin -- what if one of those women had said, "yes" to him? Do you think James could have counted on this woman he doesn't know to have a great partnership with?

Your business must NOT depend on fly-by prospects. If it does, it will either burn to the ground one day, or you will be working till the day you die trying desperately to replace all the people who quit each day.

Similar to marriage, you want your distributors to be someone you can count on as well. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

Who Are We Looking For?

What you are looking for are loyal and educated distributors; you want reps who have a bond and connection with you so they aren't compelled to jump ship.

THOSE are the ones you will be seeking. Sure it'll take some effort but believe me, it'll be worth it and you can automate most of it, initially.

How do you get loyal customers and distributors?

Through the building and maintenance of a relationship based on value, trust and education.

People usually only buy from those whom they trust, especially online. And in order to accomplish this you need to demonstrate that you have THEIR best interest in mind - that you are watching out for them.

The last thing you want to convey to them is that you are after their money.

You should rather focus on establishing trust by demonstrating that you understand the problems they are dealing with, know how to help them and position your products or opportunity as part of the solution.

The other part of the solution is actually YOU!

As a trusted advisor, it is your guidance and help which is going to help them effectively use the product/opportunity you have available and help achieve the results they want.

Optimize the Value to Your Customers -- Not Conversions

Some internet marketers talk a lot about metrics and optimizing sales conversions to get the most bang for your buck.

And although you should track your marketing (more on this later), what you should really be optimizing is the content and value you are providing to your market and list.

You'll already know they will be interested in what you have to offer because that's why they gave you their name and contact info on your capture page.

On top of that, you want to use this opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

After all, why would the client purchase anything from you if you seem to know no more than the client? What value can the client possibly expect from you?

With that in mind, the tool you will use to send your prospects free information and start adding value to them - on autopilot - while establishing yourself as the advisor are email newsletters.

An email newsletter accomplishes two tasks:

1. Provide free valuable information to the reader,


2. Tastefully plugs whatever product/opportunity you personally endorse to help your prospect get the result they want.

The first education and advise, relative to their problem or desire. The second offers a paid solution you can provide and help them use effectively.

Email newsletters are to your business what "dating" is to James (in his quest to find his wife...) You must first demonstrate value before your prospect would be willing to commit to you.

Dating Your Prospects

So James went at it again, but this time, he took a different approach.

He got into his favorite pair of flip-flops, white t-shirt, and a pair of cargo shorts and hit the mall.

No fancy tuxes, no roses, no air of "desperation".

Rather than going for broke, he decided to take it slow and shifted his intentions...

In his previous experiment, James asked 53 different ladies in the mall to marry him and got rejected by ALL of them.

This time, he talked to 17 women within an hour.

He talked them up a bit, created a little rapport, and asked for their numbers.


Because he learned that before ANYONE will marry him, he has to build up a relationship first. And before he's able to get their numbers, he has to invest some time with them to start that relationship.

He created the first level of attraction (interest), which takes a little time.

This is why he could only speak to 17 people in the same amount of time that he spent getting rejected 53 times.

Out of that 17 people, he got 9 phone numbers which means he now has 9 people he can continue building rapport with and produce friendships or more with.

Successful Online Marketing is Like Dating

This is how you should think about in terms of marketing your network marketing business.

You do the things that enable you to get your prospect's contact information, and then you proceed to utilizing that contact information to build a relationship through email newsletters by being interesting, informative and trustworthy.

In terms of dating, this is the equivalent to exchanging emails, chats & text messages, etc. Non-threatening simple communication that will build up to something more.

So what exactly do you put in those email newsletters? As discussed in the last Boot Camp, you must:

1. Provide free valuable information to the reader


2. Tastefully plug whatever product/opportunity your personally endorse to help your prospect get the result they want.

Let's break this down...

First, Provide Free Valuable Information -- How to Fix their Problem

Let me state this loud and clear, do NOT put together a pile of crap.

Got it? Crap, literally, will repel people.

This means don't just start puking out random pieces of information that are meant as "space-fillers" and rush into the pitch.

As a matter of fact, you should be looking to OVER-deliver. You want to woo-and-wow your reader. You want them to think "wow, this person knows what he/she's talking about"

You want them to look forward to your next newsletter and be eager to JOIN YOU and your opportunity.

You already know that they are interested in solving a problem, which you can help them solve (i.e. make money, start a business, get healthy, lose weight, etc.). So now it's time to demonstrate your expertise and your wisdom to them. This will further cement you as an expert in their minds and THEY will convince themselves that YOU are the leader they want to JOIN and follow.

Remember, before your prospects will buy FROM you, they have to buy INTO you.

Second, Tastefully Offer a Solution - YOUR Solution

This is not the time to be timid. While you don't want to make the newsletter be a tasteless sales-pitch (because the goal here is to add value to the reader), you also don't want to miss out on an opportunity to make the sale.

You do this through strategically positioned sales copy (call to action - enticing and reminding the reader to purchase your product/opportunity to get even MORE value from you).

If your newsletter is doing all mentioned above AND it's incorporating some darn good copywriting (see Chapters 8 &9 of the Attraction Marketing Formula on copywriting), the reader will be so in tune with your teaching, you will have not only captured their attention, but positioned yourself as the leader and someone they want to be with for the LONG HAUL.

When someone is unfamiliar with a concept, but see someone as a credible advisor, they are more likely to follow that person than do their own research.

The reader is thinking, "yes, this author is talking to my pains, this author is proposing solutions, this author is definitely knowledgeable... I need to do what they are doing, to solve my problem."

Also... don't stop adding to your newsletter series.

The more value and follow-up emails you send, the more likely you'll catch your subscriber when the timing is right for them to join your team or buy your product.

Remember, it's up to YOU to keep that relationship going. So keep pinging your prospects over as long a period of time as possible.

As far as prospecting for a network marketing business are concerned, this is how you invite thousands of people to work with you or buy your product or service at ONCE.

No More Reaching Out to People One at a Time!

So now you have compiled your list of newsletters and you have your list of subscribers, how do you propose to deliver all those newsletters?

You can potentially have hundreds, thousands of subscribers and dozen's of emails! Doing it by hand would be silly.

Option 1: Hire monkeys to type and send these emails.

Option 2: Use Email Autoresponder Technology (Winner!)

This is where technology comes to the rescue. What you are looking for to aid you in getting these newsletters to the inboxes of your subscribers is an autoresponder.

An autoresponder simply keeps track of those that opt into your newsletter series. It is like your personal mailman whom doesn't sleep?

Expect to pay ~$19 a month for a basic autoresponder and you can get further training inside the Attraction Marketing Formula on setting that up.

So there you have it!

So you have created a relationship based on value and trust and you are able to maintain that relationship automatically over time.

(Disclaimer: You can't automate dating. Sorry. Well, maybe a little but that's a story for a different day)

After a relationship has been established and your prospect is magnetically drawn to more of your expertise, you’re almost ready to launch your funnel! ;)

To Creating Powerful Relationships,

Greg and Amy Myers

Your Online Coaches and Mentors

P.S. BTW, like I said, to skip ahead and get the most comprehensive course for recruiting online for your MLM, grab your copy of The Attraction Marketing Formula!

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