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"This is US..."

Our story: How we got started marketing online.

But before we get started...

Let me make a few things clear:

  • I am NOT selling you anything
  • I will not ask you for your credit card.
  • I just want to share our story and give you one free recommendation

Are you cool with that?  Awesome!  Here we go...

The beginning...

We were content!  We settled into a happy life and everything was "typical".  

We both worked traditional jobs that we thrived in...Greg is a veterinarian, and I am an 8th grade history teacher!  We had celebrated 20 years of marriage.  Our family was complete, and we were living the American dream...two beautiful boys, a few pets, and a lovely home.

With our wonderful life, we had the typical mortgage, car payment(s), and small summer vacations.  This is the kind of wonderful life that we both learned from our parents. This IS a good life...

but we wanted something MORE!

We wanted to be at our kids' activities, travel more, volunteer for worthy causes, be more adventurous, retire early and live life on our terms, not the bill collectors terms.  We desired a "bigger" life. 

We wanted the income that would give us time freedom!!

Time for a change!

That's when a network marketing opportunity was introduced to us.  We didn't know much about the industry, but everything that was shared with us made sense.  That is where our journey to self development began.  We read countless leadership books, listening to podcasts from leaders in the industry, and researched everything we could about making this business a success .  

We began dreaming, planning, and setting audacious goals.  We prayed for guidance, and had unwavering faith that everything we wanted in life was possible.

We were ordinary people that wanted extraordinary income.

So we started hitting up and our friends and family to join our opportunity and buy our products.  Money rolled in, and we could sense our dreams coming true!!      

And then, we ran out of friends and family...that's when?? the  hit  the fan!

We quickly discovered we had no network.  We lost our nerve to keep following up.  We worried we were driving our friends away.  So, we tried cold calling.  Yikes!  This was awful.  I averaged 50 calls a day.  Mostly, I left messages or talked to people that were very upset that I bothered them.  It was a complete drain.

With our dreams on the line, we setup booths at fairs and trade shows.  Sadly, we realized this also took us away from our family and left us discouraged after we received only a hand full of leads and the same unresponsive follow up methods.  No one returned our phone calls. 

Kaden and Ethan living it up on our first incentive trip, Spring 2015

Then we moved those networking strategies online.  We posted before and after pics.  Spammed our friends in messenger....and yes...even bragged about a lifestyle that was still only a dream.  It was terrible of us.

With all the methods we were trying,  we were still failing.   And in the end we were suffering.  We understood that sacrifices would have to be made.  But ultimately, we sacrificed our time with our kids. 

Time away from home, late nights, glued to our phones and computers.  We just weren't present and it was killing us.  When we signed up to be parents...we signed up for kisses and stories at bedtime.  We signed up for hanging out and experiencing life together.  We should have been more present...but that is where the story changes.  

We refused to quit!  But needed a better...simpler way to build.

We were completely baffled how to make this work.  Building part time, without a network and really "stinking" at our prior recruiting attempts, we decided to find help...we were NOT going to join the statistic of MLM failures!

That's when we discovered an Attraction Marketing Bootcamp”.  Yep...this is your FREEBIE!

What we learned was a completely different way to prospect and recruit.   

Here's the gist...

  1. We target a specific group of people help them solve a specific problem (Facebook does this for us)
  2. We offer a FREE solution to their problem  Attraction Marketing Bootcamp”
  3. People join our email list to receive the solution
  4. We continue to build our relationship with them through email 
  5. We gain new customers and team members (mostly on autopilot)


We teach people just like us how to attract people to their business.  Sounds crazy, but IT WORKS.

  • No more home parties
  • No more 1:1 on meetings
  • No more prospecting everyone you come in contact with.  

Now, we build our business and mentor our team from our home.  

Audacious Goals

If we can leave you with any advice it's this – THINK MUCH BIGGER MUCH SOONER!   It's possible to build online, and it's completely duplicate-able! You have what it takes to be a top earner in this industry!

And with Attraction can earn income even when people are not interested in joining your company or buying your products. 

Nothing is off limits to you if you set your sights high, work smarter instead of harder, and run with a burning desire to serve others.  It IS possible to shorten the timeline between the life you're living and the life you dream of. Our only question for you is ARE YOU READY?

Goal of traveling on our terms is realized! 

We look forward to sharing your journey!  If you are ready to build your business and create a life that excites you, let's make it happen!

Here to serve,

Greg and Amy

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